Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Cream & Gel Review Swatches

Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Cream & Gel – Rs 200 & Rs 150 for 65ml each, available at .comVedic Line Bio Under Eye Cream & Gel Review SwatchesVedic Line Bio Under Eye Cream & Gel ReviewMy around the ‘Eye’ problems-

I don’t have under eye dark circles but have some visible eye lid discoloration. I have puffiness under my eyes which doesn’t look pleasant. Also due to dry skin so i have been noticing lots of wrinkles (or may be ageing since i am in late twenties) around my eyes. I was terrified and started to look for a solution around.

I was looking for a decent eye cream which isn’t heavy on pockets + if it doesn’t bring any result, i shouldn’t feel cheated. Nivedita from  suggested Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Cream & Gel since she loved the results. I decided to follow her lead and ordered them from Healthkart.comVedic line bio under eye creamAbout Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Gel

Strengthens Sensitive eye areas & delays formation of wrinkles. Good during day time.

How to use
Lightly apply around eyes & let it dry naturally.

Purified water, Aloe Vera Gel, Honey, Carbomer, Almond Oil.

About Vedic Line Bio Under Eye Cream

Firms, smoothes & retards formation of fine lines & wrinkles. Good as night cream.

How to use
Lightly massage around eyes, if needed wipe it before sleeping.

Purified water, Palm Wax, Aloe Vera Gel, Honey & Carbomer.

Vedic line bio under eye cream and gel reviewsHow i use them

I use Bio under eye gel during the day since it gets absorb quickly, looks and feels non greasy and keeps the area around my eyes fresh and taut.

I use Bio under eye cream during the night since it looks and feels rich. It really sinks into the skin after few minutes (not instantly) and keeps the eye area hydrated and healthy. Its a bit sticky in texture so i do not find it suitable for daytime.DSC07222Texture

Bio under eye gel feels like any other eye gel. It feels light and cool. It instantly refreshes the eye area and sinks in quickly. I love to apply it anytime during the day whenever my eyes feel tired and baggy. I have under eye puffiness issue and they become prominent when i work too much on computer or had a sleepless night. This gel helps in relaxing and refreshing eye area.


Bio Under eye cream feels pretty light when you touch it, kind of whipped cream (IMO), it feels light but once you apply it instantly hydrates eye area. Due to its rich texture it feels sticky for a while until it sinks in completely.

My experience

I have been using these two products for over 25 days now and can see

  1. Reduced fine lines around my eyes.
  2. Discoloration on my eye lid has reduced to some extent.
  3. Under eye bags have disappeared considerably.
  4. My pocket and heart feel good since there is still so much product left. It will not be over anytime soon.

My recommendations

I would highly recommend bio under eye cream and gel to be used together in order to see quick results. I am not sure how well it fares on dark circles but seeing the way it has reduced the discoloration on my eye lids i am sure it will benefit dark circles too. My eye area looks smooth and hydrated. Also the quantity will last more than 3 months since you don’t need anything more than half a pea size.

Ratings : 4.7/5


  • March 16, 2013

    Neha Mishra

    Sounds like it actually does wht it claims…I have slight puffiness under my eyes…will try this out…Thnx for this awesome review… 😀

    • March 18, 2013


      Yes Neha but one has to show some patience while using eye creams as visible difference would only show up after 2-3 weeks of regular usage

  • March 17, 2013


    Do I get to say I told you so? 😀
    I am loving the combo as well.
    Hey, thank you so much for the credit!!
    ( A small request.. my blog is not called makeup and chitchat.. It’s Beauty At Times is Skin Deep . Could you please edit that?)
    Nivedita recently posted…

    • March 18, 2013


      Yeah why not Nivedita 🙂 I have changed the name of your blog 🙂

  • December 12, 2013


    Nice review. Does this gel wear well under makeup?