Saugella Intimate Cleanser Review – Attiva & Dermoliquido

We discuss about several skin care brands and rave about our experience with their products. Daily personal care is not just about face, skin and body; but also includes hygiene and care of our private parts. Today’s market holds several intimate hygiene products from top intimate care brands. One must be careful while buying hygiene products for intimate zone. Saugella is a brand which has produced top quality products for women.

Saugella Intimate Cleanser Review - Attiva & Dermoliquido

Traditionally and habitually, we women use soap and water to clean intimate areas, that too only during bath. Experts suggest that intimate cleansers/washes that are specifically formulated for intimate care should be used every time you defecate too.

Intimate cleansers help to prevent infections, bad odour, irritations and itchiness. These cleansers also maintain the vaginal pH level which is very important for being comfortable in the area. It is highly important to maintain intimate hygiene. Thus, washing your intimate zone, keeping clean and feeling fresh there becomes equally important.

Saugella Intimate Cleanser

Over 40 years Saugella has dedicated to research for the development of feminine hygiene products, high quality products that protect women with a preventive action, which makes it the most preferred brand in more than 30 countries around the globe.

Saugella Intimate Cleanser Review - Attiva & Dermoliquido

The feminine hygiene brand Saugella is designed to protect the sensitive vaginal area in women and prevent any occurrence of discomfort. Unlike many other intimate cleansers, not just maintains pH balance but also provides anti-microbial action. The ingredients are all natural and rightly suitable for gentle care of intimate parts.

The brand has different products aimed to solve different problems.

Women who are going through a more sensitive phase; like pregnancy, post-partum period or menstrual cycle; are recommended to use . This product ensures of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal actions in the area due to the natural extracts of Thyme and Sage.

For every day use they have another product, Saugella Dermoliquido. As the brand claims, it contains natural extract of Salvia Officinalis. It maintains the required pH balance in the vaginal zone, decongests, de-odours, while giving a fresh feel for long.

Saugella Intimate Cleanser Review - Attiva & Dermoliquido

These Saugella intimate cleansers are used like any other cleansers. One gentle squeeze on the bottle will bring out sufficient amount of the product. Apply around your intimate lady parts (strictly only externally), rinse well with water and dry as normal.

The mild scent in the cleansers seems nice. The clean and fresh feel also can be experienced throughout the day. The globally popular and widely accepted Saugella intimate cleansers respect the ecosystem of woman’s vagina, thus a good choice for maintaining feminine hygiene.

Ditch your soap bars and body washes for cleaning intimate parts, instead try SaugellaAvailable  


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