Review : The Project at Park Balluchi, Hauz Khas Vilage

Being an ardent foodie I love to explore new food joints every now and then. I have shared my food experience on blog before also and if you haven’t seen the restaurants I have been to and reviewed you can check them under Food & Travel Section.

Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (1)

Recently I got a chance to visit and taste delicacies at newly opened dining restaurant “The Project at Park Balluchi” at Hauz Khas Village, which is an ever bustling place in south delhi. It is opened amidst the freshness of lush greens and is a new venture by Priyank Sukhija, Serial Restauranteur and Young Entrepreneur. 

I avoid going to HKV during weekdays because of the crowd and long waiting time at restaurants, but now I will be visiting often because The Project has all one look for – Ambience, Huge sitting area, cuisines & lip-smacking delicacies .

The restaurant has huge open area inside deer park, you don’t really find such huge outdoor sitting areas/ restaurants in delhi especially in HKV. I saw deer running and making noises in the park and it was such a wonderful sight. Unfortunately it was quite dark and my camera couldn’t capture anything.

Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (2) Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (4) Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (5)

Since its quite hot in delhi these days, we decided to sit indoors and I was quite glad to see that even indoors the restaurant has huge open space, so no matter how many people/ groups arrive you wouldn’t feel suffocated.

I could also see abundant service staff, infact there was one standing next to each table, which means orders were taken & served quite quickly even on a Friday night when we all go out in groups and kitchens become slow.

Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (6)

Inside there is a huge bar area, we could see assortment of liquors lined up. My husband has a glass of wine & later Sangria on our servers recommendation. I had Orange Basil Cooler in the beginning & litchi Kafir Lime later during the course of meal. Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (7) Wine & Orange Basil Cooler Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (12) Sangria & Litchi Kafir Lime

For starters We ordered Penne Arrabiata &  Veg Burger which had freshly made veg patty.

Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (8) Penne Arrabiata

Penne Arrabiata was super delicious & had some sauce in it, the way I prefer my pasta. I couldn’t put my fork down and ate it up in no time. The bread that came with it was super-moist too.

Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (9) Veg Burger

Burger was a surprise. Generally I don’t like burgers and it was my husband who decided to give it a shot. I was glad to taste the super-fresh, super-moist veg patty inside which made it super delicious. Fries were good too. I would any day go to this restaurant just to have the Veg Burger.

No Vegetarian in me wanted to dug teeth in some chicken/mutton dishes and I ordered double Kabab & Chicken Lehsuni Tikka. My mouth still waters whenever I look at these pictures. Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (10)

Double Kebab has minced chicken inside with a delicious minced mutton outer coating. How juicy, tender & scrumptious those kabab were, I can’t even explain. There were three relishes served – Mint, Tomato, Green Mango. I loved the sweet & tangy punch of Green Mango Chutney. Kababs were not too spicy or greasy and tasted amazing.

Lesssuni Chicken Tikka was succulent & delicious. It was also served with Mint & Tomato Chutney. Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (11)

We were already feeling full and decided to try out desi – North Indian Missi Roti & Dal Makhani.  Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (13) Missi Roti & Dal Makhani.

Dal Makhani was the best dal I have ever had, I know its a pretty big statement to make but I mean every word of it. Missi roti was moist and tasteful. Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (14)

In desserts I wanted to try Coconut Pannacotta but it wasn’t available that day so we decided to go for Dessert Pizza which was more of a miss for us. Review  The Project at Park Balluchi HKV (15)

Dessert Pizza had green apples, caramels & oats as toppings.


The Project at Park Balluchi, is best known for it’s Italian, Continental and North Indian delicacies

Overall Thoughts

Bang for your buck is all I would like to say now ! I am going all ga-ga over The Project at Park Balluchi not because they offered me free food. The food & Ambience was superb and I can’t wait to go back there soon 🙂


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