Review & Experience – Granny’s Inn Varanasi 

Varanasi is a very popular pilgrim centre in India and for many Indians this is a must do at least once in lifetime. The sentiments, beliefs and emotions attached to this land of Banaras make it a destination for spirituality. Not just spiritual seekers, it is a place for wanderers and back packers too. The whole purpose of our Varanasi trip was to stay close to ghats as much as possible. Finding a good budget hotel near ghats was the toughest challenge and since we were travelling with a kid, it was essential for us to find a place with less noise & more comfort. After reading a number of reviews online we zeroed on Granny’s Inn which is quite near dashashwamedh Ghat (half a kilometre)

Review & Experience - Granny’s Inn Varanasi 

Staying at Granny’s Inn in Varanasi will leave you with never-ever-happened-before experience. Run by two grannies who are sisters, they weave magic through their smiles while sharing their experiences with guests. Granny’s Inn is a unique kind of cozy Indian homestay where the experience is truly Indian. The grannies are typical when it comes to hospitality of their guests. You will be reminded of your childhood at your granny’s place. The unique experience of chit chatting with the owner of the accommodating place takes hospitality to a complete new level.

Review & Experience - Granny’s Inn Varanasi 

We chose to stay at Granny’s Inn as we heard and read many unique experiences from guests/visitors. It was totally different from all time typical hotel or resorts. The property is a large ancestral house which has many rooms. Currently only 7 rooms are converted and beautifully decorated and designed for guests. The rooms are connected to the central courtyard. Each room has an en suite large and modern bath room. The open dining area, Wi-Fi connection, home cooked traditional meals, Ayurvedic cooking and life style; all these will leave you with a special experience of Banaras.

Review & Experience - Granny’s Inn Varanasi 

Each room is decorated with local art. It all looks beautiful. Cleanliness is well maintained as the grannies are cleanliness-freak themselves. The room are aesthetically done. The beautifully painted peacock on the wall with rocking wooden chairs placed side by makes the sit out complete. Hand painted mirrors; paintings of the traditional Banaras on the wall bring more life to the entire set up.  The kitchen is fully traditional. What comes from this kitchen is a hearty breakfast on the dining table. The Granny was more than willing to get our tea and snacks request fulfilled even on odd hours. The cook Kashi was very humble and always smiling. Review & Experience - Granny’s Inn Varanasi 

Staying at this place felt safe and the visit to Varanasi was contented as both the grannies helped us with their tips to navigate the city. Shopping in this old city also becomes easy as the owners are very enthusiast about the saree shopping. It is a refreshing place to stay in with two grannies who go to all lengths making sure that we guests are comfortable at home.

The true experience of warm Indian hospitality is got here. The holiness and spirituality of Varanasi get charged up with the amazing hospitality at Granny’s Inn. What a splendid way of preserving heritage and spreading love!



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    nice reviw, love your saree 🙂

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    This place looks truly authentic and Indian!
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