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Tortured are the souls who don’t get a peaceful life and tortured are the girls who don’t get a good smudge free Kajal. Yes, we girls know how difficult it is to get a good Kajal. I have heard good reviews about the Plum NaturStudio all day wear kohl Kajal and reviewing here. Read along to know if fits into your best Kajal category or not.

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Packaging: In terms of packaging Plum NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal comes in a pencil form. The pencil is sleek but needs to be sharpened twice a week which leads to product wastage. It comes in an attractive purple packaging which product details on the pencil itself. It also comes with a separate sharpener.

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Formula & Texture – Texture wise the Kajal is really soft. It applies very smoothly and easily on eyes. Even sensitive eyes will not have much trouble in applying this Kajal.

I have read rave reviews about this Kajal and had high expectations. I have applied this Kajal on my lower lashes and if I was really impressed then I would apply it on my upper lash line too. The first day I applied this Kajal and it was very poor in terms of pigmentation. The Kajal was not that well sharpened and I thought that because of this may be it is not that pigmented. I sharpened it and then applied. The pigmentation definitely improved but nothing awesome, just like any normal Kajal. Also, it gave really thin lines. I like my Kajal thick and so I had to apply multiple times to get the thickness. I am a lens wearer so I have a fear that if I apply it multiple times and just suppose the Kajals hit me in eyes thus so I just apply a few times. So, thumbs down here.

Good thing is that the kajal is formulated without Preservatives, parabens, mineral oil &  paraffin.

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Pigmentation – Thus, in terms of pigmentation this Kajal didn’t impress me. With only this Kajal on my eyes, my eyes felt and appeared very bare. So, I topped it with some liner to give a rich and dark look. Coming to the longevity part, the Kajal smudges in corners. The pigmentation also faded away with time. It didn’t give me racoon eyes but nothing impressive at all. By the end of the day you would be able to see only the traces of Kajal and nothing more.

Plum NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal (Rs 425) available Online

Overall Thoughts

For me Plum NaturStudio All Day Wear Kohl Kajal is a waste of money. At this price there are much better Kajals are available in market. 

Rating – 2/5


*Written By Pallavi
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  • March 6, 2016


    Seriously at this price so many great options are available. Thanks for the honest feedback.
    Perkymegs recently posted…Cosmetic Revolution eyes like Angels eye shadow palette Review

    • March 6, 2016

      Pallavi Bose

      Yess…in terms of eye makeup you have got really good and affordable product this days

  • March 6, 2016

    Ritam Chandra

    I have heard all positive feedbacks till now…Sad to see you didn’t like it.. 🙁
    Ritam Chandra recently posted…Product Empties !

    • March 6, 2016

      Pallavi Bose

      Yepp.. i was also literally shocked Ritam

  • March 6, 2016

    Pallavi rupesh Nair

    Yeah…its true….even I bought frm seeing reviews…its utter waste….waste of money….

  • March 7, 2016

    Shilpa Shetty

    Ohh,.. I read all the bloggers raving about it,.. But I have many Kajals in my vanity, so dint buy this one,.. Thank you for the review,.. \