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Summer and tan go hand in hand. No matte how much sunscreen you apply or cover face/head, tanning is inevitable. Being someone with sensitive skin I struggle with uneven tone caused by sun damage. I have tried number of DIY Tan Removal face masks and they do work. but there are days when you wan something that can work as effectively as a DIY but with less efforts. I have been testing out Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask & Scrub for couple of weeks now and thought of sharing my experience with all of you.
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Organic harvest is a brand known for its organic skincare/ hair care line. I have tried a number of products from them and mostly liked them. These two are new launches and quite perfect for summer.

Packaging is simple. both Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask & Scrub come in small plastic round tubs – 50 g each. The tubs are clear with a white lid. Containers are pertty basic.

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I always use scrubs & masks twice a week. I generally change the brands but routine remains the same. I use Organic Harvest Anti Tan Scrub after thoroughly cleaning my face with a gentle cleanser. The scrub comes in a cream base which isn’t greasy or overly creamy. I find it quite fluffy, the granules are fine and do their job very well.

I scoop out desired amount and spread it all over the face, then add few drops of water and massage it gently. I take my time working on the areas that have tan i.e. forehead. The scrub exfoliates the dead cells without scratching or being abrasive. I really like such formulas that buff away the dead skin without causing any damage.

Mine is acne prone and very sensitive skin, but Anti Tan Scrub hasn’t caused any issues or irritation. After massaging it for 2 minutes , I wash it off with water.  I am not a huge fan of the scent though.

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Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask has a nice almond- nutty scent. I love products that smell nutty. Mask is again cream based and doesn’t dry completely on the skin. It doesn’t tingle or cause irritation, which is what I loved the most. Generally after exfoliation, masks tingle a bit. I leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash off with plain water.

Anti Tan Mask instantly brightens up the complexion ! I can see even toned skin immediately, however the effect doesn’t last for a long time. And only after using it 3-4 times you can see the difference. I haven’t been going out much hence there isn’t much tan, but this product does work and you can see the difference after a couple of uses.

Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask & Scrub are priced at Rs 495 each for 50 g.

The only downside I see is the price vs quantity. The quantity is quite less and would last you 2 months if used twice a week .


Overall Thoughts

I am enjoying Organic Harvest Anti Tan Mask & Scrub these days. The scrub has just the right amount of granules and it exfoliates the dead skin without being abrasive. Anti Tan Mask works amazingly and I love the after effects. 

Rating : 4/5


*PR Sample
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  • June 24, 2016


    Ohh…I should give this a try… Its sounds like a great product 🙂