Minimalistic Jewellery Trend – Fine Jewellery Suitable For All Occasions

Depending on the occasion or event, one can choose to follow any jewellery trend. The trends are so many in this decade. Women of this era are no longer obsessed with those big eye catchy jewelleries. Many of us do not prefer to flaunt an over-the-top look when it comes to everyday dressing-up. The style sense is the same for working class women too. The idea is to just put on simple yet classy fine jewellery made of gold & diamonds.

What is it that is so special about minimalistic jewellery?

Adopting minimalism into jewelleries was the best thing that happened in the fashion world. Wearing light weight jewelleries looks very simple, but the chic factor is not lost; such are the designs brought out by the brands. 

If you are a sucker for barely-there jewelleries, then you might have taken note of all those cool jewellery brands which have created beautiful trend-setting pieces using diamonds & semi precious jewels again and again. There is no end to the ideas of minimalist-inspired look.

The trend clearly sends message through all the fashionistas that “wearing less is looking clean and dignified, and also less is more”. Since these kind of simple jewelleries adapt to all the outfits, carrying it every day is very easy. It makes everything look classic and simply clean. What makes them more amazing is the fact that every piece blends into your personal style effortlessly.

One can talk at infinite lengths about the versatility of these trendy jewellery pieces.

How to make minimalist jewelleries work for your everyday look

Since minimalist style are available in every type of jewelry; say rings, bracelets, chokers, cuffs, earrings, bangles, necklaces, drop pendants; all in the most stylish designs, it is not difficult to adorn these sleek jewelleries with any kind of outfit. Whether you are on a casual day outing, a night out, a formal event, or a professional work front look – just own a couple of minimalist sleek statement jewelleries and you will be able to pair it with all your clothes in your wardrobe on all occasions. 

That is why it is so popular presently, regardless of age, body type/size, skin color.

Here are some cool ideas on how to wear, pair and style –

Stacking rings 

Stack beautiful delicate finger rings in different combinations and distribute them to your fingers like the one Au-Rate has . This styling will never look over-the-top or tacky. You can create never-ending combinations and add more skinny rings.

Tube and midi finger rings 

Tube rings are exceptionally stylish and creatively unique when worn with midi rings. The various sizes of the rings balances out the style and pairs greatly with all outfits – casual, funky and even dressy attires.

Dainty pendants of precious/semi-precious stones 

Many celebrities have proven the simple fact that you can make a statement style with just a single necklace. Select your pendant carefully. It is the one that is going to steal the lime light along with your clothes.

Layering short and long necklaces

Layering is the easiest and the most popular styling trend. It has been there for ages to update any type of outfit. Necklaces of various lengths with any sort of pendant type go well all together. They there put in neat arrangement when worn.

Invisible/barely-there chain with pearls

Gold chain that is barely visible delicately holds the shiny pearls, these kin of similar neck pieces makes the wearer stand apart in their choice of jewelry. 

Wear a plain white shirt or a formal suit and top it with pearl necklace. This is the best known style statement.

Multiple bracelets/cuffs with wrist watches 

Stacking is always cool. Buy yourself a clean looking cuff bracelet. Delicate and trendy chain bracelets are always part of every girl’s collection. Combine the available bracelets in different combinations that suits your taste and dress to get noticeably stylish.

Hoop Earrings (7-image)

Clean and highly polished shape of the hoop earrings brings a fully bold feel to the look. The hoops are a typical design of minimalistic trend. They are a kind of extra props along with other trendy jewelries.

How crazy are you about getting dressed up by pairing with your trendy dainty sleek jewelries? Show us your ideas of styling them.

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  • Reply July 6, 2019


    I agree! Minimalism is so underrated. But simple , sleek jewellery has a charm like no other.

    • Reply July 6, 2019


      I agree with you ! Even i am loving stackable rings

    • Reply July 7, 2019


      Such a nice set of jewelry! So delicate. So glad dainty things are back in style

  • Reply July 6, 2019


    Love the clean lines and classic yet timeless designs. These are going to be so easy to pair with almost any outfit. Especially love the tube rings and semi precious stone pendants.
    Nice piece! V

    • Reply July 6, 2019


      Yes clean and dainty, that’s the trend 🙂

  • Reply July 6, 2019

    Bhumika Thakkar

    I love layering necklaces and hoops are my constant 😁

    • Reply July 6, 2019


      I am also addicted to hoops <3

    • Reply July 6, 2019

      Kinnari Ashar

      It’s much informative about how can introduce dainty jewelry on day to day basis. I think the idea of stacking rings and dainty necklaces can go with any outfit and gives us the freedom to mix and match different rings and pendants. They look so feminine and can instantly amp up any outfit. ❤

  • Reply July 6, 2019

    Anupriya Jolly

    I have started wearing minimal jewellery and chanced on this post! I completely agree. Plus they are great in hot summers too without looking over the top.

    • Reply July 6, 2019


      True ! I love the sophisticated vibes of these pieces

  • Reply July 6, 2019


    I love minimalistic jewellery Trend. Jewellery is so neat and clean and very elegant. It looks classy and practical at the same time.

    • Reply July 6, 2019


      Thanks , yes it does 🙂

    • Reply July 7, 2019


      I love dainty pieces. Delicate and light and always look so classy, especially hoops. They are my absolute favourites 😍
      I loved this post.

  • Reply July 6, 2019

    Preetha karthik

    Minimalistic jewellery always draws my attention. Especially the barely there chains. This is beautifully written.

    • Reply July 6, 2019


      Thank you Preetha <3

    • Reply July 7, 2019


      You are absolutely right. Minimalistic jewelry trend is definitely a blessing. I can only wear gold or silver, I get allergic to any other metal worn for long. And I have always loved wearing rings. But the chunky gold rings used to put me off. But I love this trend of stackable skinny rings. I feel they make your hands look more beautiful.

      Also the barely there chains with small pendants or pearls are bae. They add such a classy and elegant touch to your whole look.
      Hoop earrings are another favorite.

      On the whole this minimalistic trend with dainty and catchy jewelry definitely adds to the elegance and poise of each look without making anything look over the top! Loved this post. Beautifully analyzed and composed!

  • Reply July 6, 2019


    i love bracelets. combining all types of bracelets has always been my style..
    this trend of being on the minimal side, makes life of a jewellery lover easy.

  • Reply July 7, 2019

    Gauri Kapoor

    Beautiful Jewelry! My favorite are the gems.

  • Reply July 7, 2019

    Neelaakshi Piplani

    Brilliant post! I feel the minimalistic jewellery trend can add oomph factor to in outfit- work, casual and party. Personally I love the three layered necklaces a lot, with dainty charms and pendants. I pair it with my LBD when heading out for a party, and also with an off shoulder top when planning to have a casual day with my friends.

    Love your post on how it talks about trends in detail 🙂

  • Reply July 7, 2019


    Can u suggest me some good website to buy dainty pieces?

  • Reply July 7, 2019

    Swati Phogat

    Minimalistic jewellery is a trend now.. Traditional designs of jewellery or the gold, silver jewellery have its own grace but these designs make me so obsessed especially the stackable rings, layered necklaces.. So many varieties that everyone has got something for them..

  • Reply July 8, 2019


    I am such a sucker for minimalistic jewelry, especially when it is gold!

  • Reply July 9, 2019


    Wow I love the gold jewelry you have from AURate! So cute and sophisticated.

  • Reply July 11, 2019

    Sonali Patil

    I love hoops
    Sonali Patil recently posted…Raw Beauty Deodorizing Underarms Salve Review

  • Reply July 12, 2019


    I love simplistic jewelry, I think it adds enough to any outfit. Those rings from AUrate looks so cute, I will have to check them out!

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