Maybelline Reds On Fire Lipstick Review Photos Price Swatches

I came across the newly launched Maybelline Reds On Fire Lipstick range which is apparently the exclusive range consisting of only reds. It seemed interesting so I was looking for the shades available and the choosing what would suit me. I picked up two shades Volcanic Red and Inferno Red and I’ll share what I feel about them with you.Maybelline Reds On Fire Lipstick Review Photos Price Swatches

Product description:

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Reds on Fire Lipstick is a limited edition of 5 collectible red lipsticks. It is a collection of 5 statement red lip colors with 5 different finishes perfect for Valentines season. The packaging has been specially designed keeping in line with the theme of Valentines.


  • A limited edition collection of 5 statement red lip colors
  • This range features 5 lip colours in 5 different finishes
  • Lets you achieve a beautiful-looking and sensuous finish
  • Comes in an elegant gradient packing in line with the Valentine’s theme


The Maybelline Reds On Fire Lipsticks come in a black and red bullet and looks stunning. The packaging is much similar to the Creamy Mattes and Powder Mattes, but the colour of the bullet is the only thing that varies. The bullet however is not colour coded, but the bottom of the lipstick consists of the name, number and colour which makes choosing the shade easy. I’m impressed with the ombre red and black colours on the packaging since it makes it look classy.Maybelline Reds On Fire Lipstick Review Photos Price Swatches

Shade range:

This range of red lipsticks come in 5 different shades with each having different formula. The five shades available in the range are:

  1. Smokey Red
  2. Ashy Red
  3. Inferno Red
  4. Volcanic Red
  5. Mercury Red

Inferno Red and Volcanic Red looked different and appealing to me, so I picked them up. Both differ quite a lot from each other and have different finishes.

Formula and finish:

Inferno Red is a warm toned orangish red lipstick with golden shimmer particles that are extremely fine. It gives a metallic finish on the lips and glides on smoothly. The formula is creamy doesn’t dry out my lips.

However, I’m not sure if I like the metallic finish it has on my lips since I am not much fond of such finishes. Also, it is suitable for all skin tones so if you are looking for a good metallic red lipstick, you can totally check this one out.

Volcanic Red is a cool toned red shade with blue shimmer particles that are much visible. It gives a glittery finish on my lips which I don’t like to be honest. The lipstick glides very smoothly on the lips and doesn’t make my lips feel dry, but the finish it gives doesn’t suit me at all.

If you prefer a shimmery red lipstick and want to give a bold statement to your lips, you can buy this one. It will suit people with all kinds of skin tones.

Pigmentation: Both Volcanic Red and Inferno Red are highly pigmented, and I need just one swipe of each to get a complete opaque finish. I’m glad they are pigmented so it doesn’t require me to layer the lipstick. They also don’t settle into the contours of my lips which is another good thing.

Staying power: The Maybelline Reds On Fire Lipsticks last for good 3-4 hours which is okayish. Since these are not entirely matte. They don’t last for more than 4 hours and start to wear off from the centre and outer corner of my lips. Also, it fades off if I eat or drink anything and leaves shimmer particles and a hint of red colour on my lips which doesn’t look good.

Price and quantity:

Each lipstick costs ₹500 for 3.9gm of the product which is generally the standard size and quantity. Also, Maybelline is a drugstore brand and most of the lipsticks are around this range, so the price is quite decent as well.

Overall thoughts:

I honestly have mixed thoughts about these lipsticks because I like the formula, texture and pigmentation, but the shades and finishes are weird and doesn’t suit my complexion at all. If you like getting creative and carry off bold lips you can try this range.

I don’t think I’ll reach out to these shades unless I want to create a bold lip look. However, I might try a couple of other shades from the range if I feel like to see how their finishes are and how they look on my lips. 

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  • Reply June 7, 2019


    Those are such pretty colors and I know that Maybelline is a great brand, I might just get the lipsticks
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  • Reply June 11, 2019


    Would give this a pass, happily! 😀
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