Maybelline Nude Pink Shine Compulsion Lipstick Review Swatches Photos Price

I was browsing online to see if there were any new lipsticks to try out and I came across the Maybelline Nude Pink Shine Compulsion Lipsticks and immediately thought of picking them up. I hadn’t tried shiny lipsticks since quite some time since I prefer mattes more, so these looked interesting. Here’s what I feel about this latest launch.Maybelline Nude Pink Shine Compulsion Lipstick Review Swatches Photos Price

Product description: Introducing Maybelline’s 1st oil-in-lipstick in highly pigmented lip colors and a luscious shine!

Bring on brilliant shine that melts onto lips with Maybelline Paris Shine Compulsion Lipstick by Color Sensational. From nude lipstick to red lipstick and every shade in between, get beautifully hydrated and pigmented lips with Maybelline’s most irresistible shine. Feel the compulsion!


  • Oil in stick lipstick has 60 percent reflective oils for an irresistible shine
  • It is formulated with ultra-saturated pigments and a high shine effect
  • This glossy lipstick delivers a lustrous and indulgent finish to your lips
  • Get saturated pigments, decadent shine, and an intensely glistening effect

Maybelline Nude Pink Shine Compulsion Lipstick Review Swatches Photos Price

Packaging: The Maybelline Nude Pink Shine Compulsion Lipstick comes in a rose gold bullet packaging and it looks so classy and luxurious. The lipstick looks sleek and I like how the way the rose gold colour stands out from the rest of the of the bullet lipsticks the brand has. It doesn’t feel flimsy at all and looks great.

I like the way the brand thought of bringing something different. The only issue is that the packaging is not colour coded unlike the Superstay Matte Ink Liquid Lipsticks, but contains the shade number, name, and colour on the rear side of the lipstick. So, in case you have more than one lipstick from the range, it’s difficult to figure out from the packaging about the lipstick shade unless you see the bottom.

Shade range: The Shine Compulsion range has 11 different shades which is decent for a new launch. But the range focuses more on pinks, reds and oranges apart from some new colours which is a downside I feel. These are the shades available in the range:

  1. Mauve Mayhem
  2. Audacious Red
  3. Onyx Goddess
  4. Plum Nights
  5. Plum Seduction
  6. Cinnamon Cookie
  7. Red Hot Lust
  8. Popping Coral
  9. Provocative Red
  10. Nude Pink
  11. Freshly Kissed

I picked up only one shade Nude Pink since I wasn’t sure if I’d like the shiny finish of the lipstick.

Maybelline Nude Pink Shine Compulsion Lipstick Review Swatches Photos Price

Colour: Maybelline Nude Pink is a pinkish nude with warm undertones and flatters fair to medium skin tones. It contains slightly golden shimmer particles and glides smoothly on the lips.

But since it is a shiny lipstick, it doesn’t give a totally opaque finish in one swipe and needs to be layered on my lips a couple of times to get the colour I want. It’s a good shade overall if you like wearing nude glossy lipsticks on everyday basis.

Formula: The lipstick applies smoothly on my lips and doesn’t dry out my lips at all. It doesn’t feel heavy too and I feel as if I don’t have anything on my lips. I like the formula but am not a fan of how it looks on my lips.

Finish: As the name of the lipstick suggests, Maybelline Nude Pink has a shiny finish on the lips. The shade Nude Pink in specific is not that opaque and has to be layered for 3-4 times to get that perfect opaque finish. Also, it contains fine shimmer gold particles that gives that glossy finish on the lips.

I personally don’t like such a finish since I like my lips to look matte and not glossy or shiny. But for someone who like such a finish, it is a good option since the shimmer particles are much fine and don’t pop up on the lips.

Staying power: Since the finish of this lipstick is shiny, the staying power decreases. It lasts for maximum 3 hours on my lips and that too when I don’t consume any eatables. It starts to wear off completely if I eat or drink something.

I honestly don’t prefer lipsticks that don’t last for a longer time since I have to keep reapplying them often.

My overall thoughts:

Maybelline Nude Pink is good as such, but I don’t personally prefer glossy finishes. The shade range is also a bummer since most of them are reds, pinks and of similar tones even though the brand launched 11 different shades.

Also, since it is not much long lasting, I don’t think if I would reach out to it. But if you like carrying off shiny and glossy lipsticks, you can go for this range. I don’t think I’d reach out for this one often. If I feel like I might try a darker shade from the range but definitely not the lighter ones.

The Maybelline Nude Pink Shine Compulsion Lipstick costs ₹550 for 3gm. Buy HERE


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    Anita Singh

    Mujhy glossy n shiny lipstick hi pasand hain, dry matt to bilkul nahi laga sakti
    Iski packaging royal hai 👌👌

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    Glossy finish lipsticks are so up my alley. Love the look of this lipstick from maybelline.
    Sangeeta recently posted…

  • Reply June 11, 2019


    Looks okay, nothing exceptional. Could have been a little more pigmented.
    Arpita recently posted…

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    i have read your article its really nice thanks for sharing us.
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