Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser Review Price Photos

I love makeup but cleaning dirty brushes definitely dampens my spirit. I was looking for a good solid brush cleanser and came across two – PAC & Lottie london. Now it wasn’t a difficult choice because PAC Solid Brush Cleanser is priced at Rs 595 for 31.2 gm and Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser is Rs 700 for 60g. So just for 100 Rs extra you get double quantity in lottie london cleanser. I didn’t see too many reviews of this product online , still went ahead with the purchase as I have been using the powder brush from this brand for the past 1 year and it is amazing. Some of you might have already seen me using that brush in Youtube Videos.

Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser Review Price Photos

The travel-friendly SOAP STAR solid brush cleanser will have your brushes squeaky clean in no time. The brush-friendly formula deeply cleanses, removing excess residue and germs for a cleaner makeup application. Simply wet your brushes or applicators and sweep over the solid soap-bar in circular movements to create a lather, repeating if necessary. Rinse and allow both your cleansed brushes and the soap to air-dry.

Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser comes in a round white tub with brand name and logo on the lid. The packaging is cute and functional. Inside you get a disk shaped soap. Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser Review Price Photos

Now let me tell you I was skeptical initially, but right after the first use all those doubts were gone. The Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser works like magic on dirty brushes. You have to wet the brush bristles, swirl it on the soap and then gently rub them on a brush cleaner mat , I use Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove.

The sopa doesn’t foam up but cleans the brushes very well. I hardly have to repeat the process with any of the brushes except foundation brush and sponges since they soak up a lot of product. One time is more than enough to clean them without using much product. The soap doesn’t make the bristles / brush hair dry or brittle. It doesn’t have a noticeable scent.

You can see how clean my YBP Cosmetic Perfector Sponge looks after using the solid cleanser. Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser Review Price Photos

I love this cleanser and can’t recommend it enough.

Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser is available online on Amazon HERE

Overall Thoughts

My search has ended here and I am quite content with the results. Lottie London Soap Star Solid Brush Cleanser is amazing and does the job really really well. The product cleans the brushes in one go and keeps my sponged squeaky clean. It even works on my white beauty blender, removes foundation stains. If you are looking for a solid brush cleanser then do give this one a shot. Only downside is price but I can see it lasting a long time. 

Rating : 4.5/5

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  • January 16, 2018

    Anita Singh

    Wow, ye sponge to ekdum new jaisa ban gaya 👍👍
    Mujhy aaj aapke blog ka mail notification nahi aaya (

  • January 17, 2018

    Sangeetha Babu

    Nice one! I was eating a long to buy a brush cleanser I just use soap to clean now I’ll buy this 😍😍 can you make a video on how you clean your brushes and sponges? That’ll help a lot! Thanks Hun! ♥️

  • January 19, 2018


    Looks like a fine brush cleanser. Hearing the brand name for the first time!
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