Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream Review Photos Price

I am a skincare junkie and keep on hoarding lotions & masks. Whenever there is a new launch, I make sure to pick & test it out. Also apart from being a skincare fanatic, I love using products that are free of nasty chemicals. Kronokare is one such brand and I have been trying out couple of products from them and so far the experience has been really good. I saw them launching a new skincare range and couldn’t resist from picking a few of the products. The first product I am going to review today is Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream.

Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream Review Photos Price

Packaging is very simple, almost has a medicinal appearance to it. It is simple and functional thats all. The Jar is made of glass which is a bit heavy and not good if you tend to drop things on the floor (like me).

Hereis something to take the dryness off: our beetroot extract and vitamin E, extra Nourishing Face Cream. Enriched with the finest oils, our formula leaves your skin soft and hydrated. A delicious mix of natural shine, you’ll be glistening from the inside.

Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream

The Product –

I have dry but acne prone skin, which gets congested really quickly and end up breaking out. I get white heads and pimples the moment a heavy cream is applied so I have to make sure that the product is light weight and has a non-greasy texture. The struggle is real believe me. If the cream isn’t moisturising enough I get dry patches on the cheeks…

Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream has a gel cream texture. I need only a pea size amount which is more than enough for my entire face & neck ! Also the cream is packed with moisture but doesn’t feel heavy or look greasy. It takes few seconds to sink into the skin and keeps my skin supple whole day long. I don’t have to reapply it at all !

Another good thing about this product is that it is non-comedogenic, free from Sulphate, mineral oil, paragons, silicone & fragrance. So if you are allergic to artificial scents & any of the nasty stuff listed above then go grab one of these. There is one variant for oily skin as well.

Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream

Now one thing that bothers me is the scent. Though the brand calls it fragrance free, something smells so strong, like men’s aftershave, which not all the users would appreciate.

I have been using Kronokare Moist Urge cream for almost 2 weeks now and have’t seen it clogging pores or causing breakouts. I am quite happy and miss only one thing , SPF. But the brand might have developed it to be useful for both day & night hence there is no SPF. I don’t mind applying additional sunscreen though. Also this is a Unisex product and can be used by both men & women.

Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream is priced at Rs 795 for 50 gm.

Overall Thoughts

I am quite impressed with Kronokare Moist Urge Moisturising Face Cream as it ticks all the right boxes for me. Supplies adequate moisture without being greasy or heavy. It doesn’t make my face shine or cause break out. Only downside is the price in my opinion.

Rating : 4/5


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  • September 19, 2016

    Jayanthi Parthasarathy

    better be good for this price