Kronokare Face Scrub Polish The Blemish Review Photos Price

My skincare routine is never complete without exfoliation twice a week. I love using a gentle exfoliator with fine granules that can buff away the dead skin cells , revealing smoother layer. Regular scrubbing also ensures improved texture & smoother surface. While checking out the new skincare range I picked Kronokare Face Scrub – Polish The Blemish. Lets see how did it fare on me –

Kronokare Face Scrub Polish The Blemish Review Photos Price

Kronokare Face Scrub comes in a 50 g jar. The packaging is pretty simple with products ingredients as well as details written on the label.

The scrub is clay based (Kaolin Clay) which means it is good for combination – oily skin. I like using clay based products once a week since my skin breaks out easily.

Kronokare Face Scrub Polish The Blemish Review Photos Price

The texture is like a thick paste. I dilute it with few drops of water and then massage the scrub on my clean damp face. The granules are quite coarse so I would advise not to put any pressure while scrubbing your face. Also I don’t use any scrub for more than 1 minute, because it might damage the skin if you overly exfoliate it.

Our kaolin based face polish is enriched with beetroot extract and vitamins to feed your skin. All the goodness your epiderm needs. So, go on scrub it in!

I like that Kronokare Face Scrub Polish The Blemish is free from sulphate, mineral oil, paraben, silicon & fragrance. It is good for those with sensitive skin, however you shouldn’t use it on active acne since the granules are abrasive and can cause irritation.

Again the scent of this scrub is quite intense, something I don’t enjoy much, it almost smells like men cologne. This is a unisex product and as per the brand the presence of essential oils the products smell so strong.

Now after using it my skin definitely feels smooth & fresh. I have tried it almost 4 times and like how it takes away the dullness. My skin is acne prone but doesn’t have much blemishes so I can’t say if it actually works on fading the blemishes or not. You can also check out the review of Kronokare Moist-Urge Moisturising Face Cream


Kronokare Face Scrub Polish The Blemish is priced at Rs 365 for 50 g

Overall Thoughts

Kronokare Face Scrub Polish The Blemish is a good product but there is nothing exceptional about it. I mean it works as good as rest of the affordable scrubs I have. Also the price is bit high as compared to the quantity you get. You can try this skincare range if you want products that are free from nasty chemicals.

Rating : 3.5/5

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1 Comment

  • August 31, 2017

    Jenny - Support Your Beauty


    I also have an acne-prone skin so I think this Kronokare Face Scrub works fine with me. I can’t wait to use the product and see for myself if it gives a better result. Thank you for sharing.