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I have dry wavy hair , quite healthy and doesn’t face much of hair fall or other issues. But they tend to look fizzy if the shampoo isn’t gentle. I make sure to use gently shampoo & conditioners and was using Rener Furterer Gentle Shampoo. Now that the tube is over I am again in search of a good everyday shampoo because I wash my hair twice/ thrice a week. I cam across Kronokare Care To Repair Shampoo Conditioner a month ago and used them during one of my trips. Here is what I think about the duo –

Kronokare Care To Repair Shampoo Conditioner

This one’s for intense repair, mending strands with utmost care.Relax don’t panic, lavender is dynamic. These products will repair and regenerate, without getting you even a second late! The essential oils will hydrate, the scents will bloom, lavender is your choice to say bye-bye to gloom.

both Kronokare Care To Repair Shampoo Conditioner come in black bottle with flip top caps. These are small 55ml bottle that are good for travel. I hardly like shampoos available in hotels and the change in water makes my hair dry and frizziy. So I always make sure to carry my own shampoo conditioner with me. This time these two came to my rescue and I loved them.

These are free from SLS, Paraben, Silicone & mineral oil. I like how these smell of levender, very soothing & calming. During travel I don’t get time to oil my hair and hence a gentle shampoo is all I need. The shampoo cleans hair nicely without drying them. I love how the shampoo lathers up without using too much product. This small bottle lasted me 5 uses since I have shoulder length hair.

I don’t know what I think about the conditioner , it wasn’t that effective though. I had to use more than required amount to fight the frizz and make hair smoother & manageable. I used a lot of conditioner on my damp hair.

Kronokare Care To Repair Shampoo Conditioner are priced at Rs 195 each for 55 ml and available online.

Overall Thoughts

If you are looking for a daily shampoo which is gently but works well then do try out Kronokare Care To Repair Shampoo. There is nothing great about the conditioner though. I am planning to get a bigger bottle of this shampoo soon.

Rating : 4/5 (for shampoo)

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