Kaya Hydra Cleanse Cosmetic Remover Review Price Photos

Kaya Hydra Cleanse Cosmetic Remover (Rs 290 for 100 ml)

Kaya Hydra Cleanse Cosmetic Remover Review Price Photos

Kaya Hydra Cleanse Cosmetic Remover Review Price Photos

KAYA is a renowned name and needs no introduction. In this post I’m going to review a recently launched makeup remover from KAYA which has won my heart. I always felt that the makeup remover should have at least one quality that I don’t have to wash my face after using it. There are many makeup removers available in market which removes makeup easily and gentle to skin too. Kaya Hydra Cleanse Cosmetic Remover does not only remove makeup but also make the skin fresh and moisturized. The skin looks healthy after every use, it feels like a bonus.

Earlier I was using an oil based makeup remover. It always worked well in removing makeup and I never faced any difficulty in removing makeup but the only concern was that I have oily skin and after every use I had to wash my face in order to avoid breakouts. Kaya Hydra Cleanse Cosmetic Remover got me the solution.

Packaging: It comes in a regular white colored tube with a turn top cap. When you open the cap you will find that the opening is not wide which helps in preventing wastage of the product.

Texture & Formula & Odor: The texture is quite creamy but at the same time it’s not sticky. It’s not like typical cleansing milk. After each use you will feel as if you have put a moisturizer on your skin. You can use it on any kind of makeup on any skin type, it is effective on all kind of makeup and good thing is does not let the skin look dull even without makeup. Kaya Hydra Cleanse Cosmetic Remover has a little pungent smell maybe because of plant extracts, but it’s not bad, anyone can bear it and the little cold sensation while using it makes it worth.

How to use: As per the instructions given on the tube, apply small amount of remover on skin and spread it gently with a cotton pad. Rub or massage gently and wipe it off with cotton and it’s done.

When I massaged it on my eyes to remove liner, mascara and eye shadow, I did not feel any pain or itching, it is that gentle to eyes. Here I’m not suggesting you to let the cream enter your eyes but its gentle enough for the nearby areas. I always have this problem with other makeup removers or even with makeup remover wipes.


Overall Thoughts

Kaya Hydra Cleanse Cosmetic Remover is totally a worth buying makeup remover. It is harsh on makeup and gentle on skin.  It is not oil based so I consider it good for acne prone skin too.

Ratings: 4.75/5


*Written By Swati
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  • April 4, 2016


    I am eyeing on this next, lovely review. Even most makeup removers irritate my eyes 🙂
    Swathi recently posted…Guest post? Sponsored post : To do or Not to do? FAQ? How to approach?

  • April 4, 2016

    Ritam Chandra

    I like the thing that it is decently priced.. 🙂 🙂 would try it.. 🙂 🙂
    Ritam Chandra recently posted…*New* Lakme Absolute Lip Shimmers , Illuminating Eye Shadow Palette, Precision Artist Eye Liner Swatches,Price

  • April 5, 2016


    I have used the revlon one and it irritates my skin so much I can’t tell you. This looks great. Would surely check out 🙂
    Perkymegs recently posted…OOTD – Red gold brocade suit

  • April 6, 2016


    I am always in search of makeup remover which doesn’t irritate my eyes.Thanks for the review 🙂
    nausheen recently posted…NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Shade Glow & Red Cheeks Review

  • April 12, 2016

    Sangeeta G

    I got this makeup remover 2 weeks back and I love. Like you mentioned it is harsh on makeup, but very gentle on the skin.
    Sangeeta G recently posted…Ameego Razor | Review & Experience