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Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila (Rs 495 for 100 ml) buy from Iraya OnlineIraya Neelbhringadi taila reviewI have always been hair-oil person. My mom used to oil massage my hair when I was a kid and even now I never wash my hair without oiling them.

I was using almond oil until Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila reached me. I have wavy thick hair and these days they are falling in bunches. I occasionaly get dandruff, especially when weather changes.

Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila

Recommended in the ancient Ayurveda text – Sahasrayogam, Neelbhringadi is the secret for lush and healthy hair. Cold-pressed oils of coconut & sesame are processed with a carefully selected combination of herbs like indigo, brahmi and bhringraj and coconut milk on a slow, wood-fired iron cauldron to ensure that the full potency of the herbs has been extracted into the oil. Apply it on the scalp regularly to ensure abundant, lustrous, dandruff free, healthy hair. Iraya Neelbhringadi taila (2)Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila comes in a tinted glass bottle. I liked how the oil isn’t too thick like other ayurvedic formulations. It has a herbal scent but its not over powering.

I apply Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila once/twice a week and leave it on for 2-3 hours before washing my hair. I apply it generously on the roots of my hair and massage for good 10 minutes.

I have been using it for almost 4 weeks now and can definitely observe that hairfall has reduced and there is no sign of dandruff on the scalp. However there is no change in the texture of my hair. They still get frizzy and unmanageable after washes. I never had dull shine-less hair so can’t comment on that claim.

Oil washes off easily without making hair limp or greasy. That ayurvedic/herbal scent also goes away quickly.

Overall Thoughts

I am quite happy with the results. Iraya Neelbhringadi Taila definitely works on hairfall an dandruff. I am almost done with this bottle and will purchase it again. I love ayurvedic products since they don’t have harmful ingredients and paraben.

Ratings : 4/5

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    I love the review ! might even buy it !
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