Places You Must Not Miss On Your Trip To Kasauli

Weekends are the only motivation that let us finish off the work and relax. The time you spend with family and friends are the best in your life. It leaves lasting memories that you will cherish forever! Kasauli is in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. It is a cantonment town and its lush beauty always invites us. To plan a trip you need to firstly decide on the mode of travel. Whether it is two-wheeler or a car, it is all up to you. The serene beauty has love for everyone. You can even get here through a train after which you need to take a cab. The total distance is around 291 KM and will take you good 6-8 hours to reach there.

How To Plan A Weekend Trip To Kasauli From Delhi By Road

Let’s jump onto the places that you can visit here.

  • Sunrise point -Sunrise is the best thing that God has given us. It is a hope that makes every day beautiful. Start your journey early so that you reach the sunrise point just in time. After you have soaked in all the sun, you can start the day with a charm. Head to any local food joint has a “kadak chai”. The tea vendors here are so warm that they will also have a chit-chat with you.

How To Plan A Weekend Trip To Kasauli From Delhi By Road

  • Christ Chruch -Kasuli has a colonial touch to it and you can find it evidently in the architecture. If you are a person who loves to visit old church then you should visit the Christ Church here. The Sunday mass is a must in the list.

How To Plan A Weekend Trip To Kasauli From Delhi By Road

  • The mall road- This road features a lot of food joints. They are easy on the pocket as well. You will also find shops selling curios which you can take home as a memory.
  • Monkey Point– Nature is incomplete without animals. Here at the  Monkey point, you will witness the Hanuman Ji Temple and numerous monkeys on top of the hill. It is the highest point in Kasauli. The view that you get from this point is simply pristine!
  • Nahri Temple– This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga.It was made over 150 years ago. People come here to get the taste of the clean water in the temple vicinity. You have to trek a bit to reach this place.

How To Plan A Weekend Trip To Kasauli From Delhi By Road

  • Gilbert Trail -Imagine being surrounded by lush green forest and fog. The cold breeze hits your cheeks softly. Sounds interesting right? If you want such an experience this isolation form the hustle-bustle of the city, then you must go for a short walk at the Gilbert Trail.
  • Sunset point – Evenings are never fulfilling if we don’t see the sun. The sunset point offers you the best view possible. It relaxes you and calms you down!

If you are able to see at least few places from this list then you should feel happy. This weekend trip shall energize you for the week ahead. This less polluted space in Kasauli is heaven and hence coming here for a weekend is a must. We stayed at 7 Pines , Solan which is an amazing homestay cum resort. A six-hour drive on from New Delhi, via NH-44, will take you to this mesmerizing location. So what are you waiting for?

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    I have been there last year in May. Indeed it is a beautiful place. You have listed good places. I want to add one more place in this list, Suicide point. It is 3-4 km ahead of sunset point.

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