How to Perfectly Choose Fabrics for Clothes

The fashion industry is booming with so many new trends being introduced every season, every year. Taking inspirations either from the past or fusing various trends, the change of fashion and style keeps revolving around frequently. Milan, New York and Paris are world’s fashion inspirations where celebrities meet styles.

One can easily stay tuned to the runway shows conducted in these cities to know what’s the current scenario in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle world. Not only do people get to see different styles and looks, but also a lot many makeup trends, looks and hairstyles to recreate them at their levels.How to Perfectly Choose Fabrics for ClothesThe outfits being shown on the runways are tailor made for that celebrity or model based on her body, personal style, preferences and fashion trending at that particular time of the year. It is essential to also know what fabrics, hues and patterns to choose from when it comes to styling and designing an outfit.

However, not only the models and celebrities opt for choosing their designer brands and getting their outfits custom made, but many people also do so to get that perfectly fitted customised outfit. The challenging part occurs when it comes to choosing the right kind of fabric. It is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to designing and sewing an outfit.

If one makes a wrong decision, it leads to nothing, but utter disappointment and we’ve all faced this atleast once in our life. Hitting the mark is fortunately easier now since there is always more than one correct fabric that goes with the pattern selected.

How to choose the right fabric

It often happens that we want to get that outfit stitched that we saw on Instagram, Pinterest or Shutterstock but don’t exactly want it the way it looks. We want modifications in that outfit and choose what suits us.

When you start to look out for different fabrics and patterns around you, you either love the pattern you saw and look out for a suitable fabric, or you love the fabric and search out for a pattern that would go with it.

Any which ways, you atleast fell in love with either the fabric or the pattern, so that’s a great start to your search!

In case you find your right pattern, it will kind of give you gist as to what fabric can it be designed on perfectly. There are no strict rules as such that you must stick to what’s suggested and must not deviate when it comes patterns and fabrics, but it is recommended by the sewists that you stick to what’s according to the list.

Different fabrics have different properties that compliments a particular pattern and it is essential for you to know to get your work going. We are here for your rescue and have listed some common fabrics that you can choose based on their properties.

  • Cotton voile: It is lightweight and semi sheer and drapes amazingly.
  • Cotton lawn: This is very much similar to cotton voile and differs by being a bit crisper than the former one.
  • Chambray: Being much smooth and light in weight, it can be draped well. But it doesn’t possess as good draping properties as rayon, cotton lawn or cotton voile.
  • Rayon: Another choice for a lightweight and smooth fabric. It is a bit heavier in weight than other fabrics such as cotton lawn and cotton voile.
  • Denim: It is probably the most known fabric today which is much weighted with hardly any stretch or drape.
  • Silk: Silk is delicate and light in weight and drapes great too. It appears slightly shimmery but has much slip as well and can be difficult to work with if one doesn’t know. But when it comes to a good fabric for lining, silk is one of the best choices amongst all.
  • Knit:The knit category of fabric varies for being light in weight to medium heavy. It is a go-to fabric for any pattern that needs to be stretched out.
  • Double gauze:This is a totally unique fabric consisting of two different gauze layers that are woven in one. The dual layered fabric is free from the challenge of sewing outfits from the sheer gauze and retaining its qualities of being extremely breathable and lightweight.
  • Satin: Apart from appearing glossy, satin varies in weight from light to heavy. It drapes good and gives a luxurious feel.

Choose the correct fabric and you’ll never have to worry about the patterns not looking good on them. After all, who doesn’t love to flaunt their customised outfits that fit like a glove and make you look pretty as ever!

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