Homemade Saffron Milk Face Mask For Glowing Skin

Saffron or Kesar as it is called is a very popular spice and widely used for its aroma, colour, taste and health benefits too. Apart for being a very useful spice in traditional cuisines, it is a very good ingredient used in skin care products.  Saffron is believed to lighten and even the skin tone. It also brings amazing radiance to the skin on regular usage. The best known secret to naturally glowing skin is saffron. This Homemade Saffron Milk Face Mask is great For Glowing Skin.

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When saffron is mixed with milk or milk cream, it makes a very good skin lightening agent. Milk is a natural moisturizer which helps to keep the skin supple and baby soft. The lactic acid present in the milk is very beneficial for skin to look young and radiant.

There are many different face masks that can be prepared with saffron and milk as the main ingredients.

Here, we show you a simple homemade face mask for naturally glowing skin.


A pinch of saffron strands, about 20 ml of hot milk and 2 spoons full of rice flour.

How to prepare Saffron Milk Face Mask with rice flour:

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  • Heat milk and when it is sufficiently hot, add the strands of saffron. Close the lid and allow it to cool down. When the milk cools, you will notice the extracts of saffron that is dissolved in the milk.
  • You will identify the aroma of saffron in milk.
  • In a tiny bowl, add rice flour and the milk in which the saffron strands have been soaked.
  • Mix well and your homemade face mask for glowing skin is ready to use.

You may choose more ingredients to add to the face mask according to your skin type.

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Rice flour is a promising agent that can be considered to be included in any face mask. The texture of the rice flour is such that it acts as a face pack and as acts as a mild exfoliate. Due to its slight rough texture, it helps to loosen up the dead cells and polishes the skin very well. A new fresh looking layer of the skin gets revealed as the dead skin gets removed.

How to use homemade saffron milk face mask 
  • Start with a clean face. Apply the prepared mask throughout the face and neck in even thickness.
  • Allow it to dry for about 15-20 minutes.
  • Once it dries completely, splash water and wet it again. Slowly rub the mask in circulation motion concentrating on the corners of the nose, mouth, forehead and chin. Continue for just a couple of minutes.
  • Wash off completely and pat dry. You will find your face radiating in natural glow.


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