Hair Loss Issues & Available Treatments In India

Our today’s life style is the main reason and cause for every single problem we face in our life. The stress and tension goes on increasing exponentially and finally leads to an issue of greater concern. For a few decades ago, what hair fall indicated was not really alarming. It simply meant as a sign of ageing and indeed only aged people, especially men, experienced and baldness. Female baldness was never recorded.  Hair Loss Issues & Available Treatments In India

But the current urban scenario is that everyone is leading a hectic life and most common habits have gone for a toss. The obvious problem shows up as heavy hair fall. There are several reasons for hair loss and it varies from one individual to other.

Hectic daily routine, work and career oriented life style leads to stress and this being the most common hair fall reason off late; there could also be possibility of hormonal imbalance in the body, or use of medicines for a long period of time, unhealthy diet that includes lots of junk and sugared foods – these are few of the reasons that causes hair loss. Seasons also contribute to hair fall.

While it might come to you as a surprise, studies have proved that hair loss is seasonal too and shedding happens during cold winter season. Hair strands fall off naturally too. So, if few strands of hair are lying near your feet while you are using a hair brush, it is not a cause for alarm or panic. Identifying that you really are facing the issue of hair loss and are in need of hair fall control treatments is important before undergoing any treatments.

If you notice clumps of hair n your brush after combing or in your hair scrunchie, or in your pillow case after your sleep, then it is time to consider these warning signals seriously. Furthermore, one will be able to tell if their middle partitioning is widening. This is where one has to seek experts’ advice or visit a doctor to discuss possible solutions.

The first step towards treatment is to preserve your hair and provide care according to seasonal changes. Discard all the chemical leached products and make the most of natural treatments. If you are thinking of doctor’s consultation for all your hair woes, then the sooner you go for it the better; because early treatments are always highly effective and helps sooner recovery.

The natural ways of treatment are the easiest ones. The best hair care products are found in your kitchen shelf. So, gives those fancy store bottles a miss. Oiling is important and helps moisturize parched scalp. Natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil are help strengthen hair strands and reduces hair loss.

Hair styling tools and other blow drying, curling and heating tools weakens hair and increases hair loss. Skip the styling tools to preserve the natural condition of hair.

Nature has a lot to offer. Turn to ancient methods of treatments that are described in Ayurveda and Homeopathy medical science. Ayurvedic hair loss treatments are derived from substances that are naturally occurring medicines. While Homeopathy is a method of comfortably healing, painless and non-invasive.

Seek appropriate and effective treatments for hair loss from the experts in the field.


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    Very informative post. I am facing lot of hairfall these days as the climate is cold and my hair is turning dry and frizzy…
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    informative post!
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