Hair Care For Colored Hair

Love your newly colored hair but not sure how to protect it from getting damaged? Here are few hair care tips for your colored hair:

Use color protecting shampoo:

Do not use any shampoo randomly for your colored hair. Remember, your hair color is no longer natural and needs extra protection to cope up with the chemicals that has been infused by the artificial hair colors. Choose a color protecting shampoo which will clean your hair as well as keep the color molecules set. Avoid hot water for washing your hair as it will damage the tresses.


Use protecting Conditioner:

Conditioning is always required to moisturize your hair. The hair tends to get dry due to excess exposure to outside environment. Use protecting Conditioner which will help you to deal with ammonia. It will also keep the volume lustrous and shiny.


Hair Masks:

Hair masks are a must to provide the necessary nutrients that your mane requires. This will repair the damage to your hair and retain the same shine that it has. Take a ripe banana and mash it completely. Add few drops of honey to it. Blend them and apply on your tresses. Leave it for half an hour. Wash it with normal water and dry your tresses completely. You can use this hair mask twice a week for better and faster results.


Deep Conditioning:

This is the best way to nourish your hair. The deep conditioning had been used during ancient times and is still popular. Take few drops of olive oil or almond oil and warm it up. Apply all over your scalp and roots of the tresses. Massage it gently and cover it with  a shower cap.Leave it overnight and wash it in the morning with a mild shampoo. Repeat this process twice a week. This will help you to retain the hair colour, make it soft and healthy. Olive oil and almond oil are all great source of vitamins and minerals. You can also use coconut oil. You can individually use these oils or make a combo of it.


No usage of electrical products:

The hair color contains ammonia which is chemical oriented. You cannot further use more chemicals to damage your hair. Avoid using straightener on your hair. the temperature will have a great impact on them. Avoid blow drying your hair as it will leave the hair dry and dull. Try opting for natural ways to treat your hair.


Color preservation:

You have taken lots of efforts to color your hair and carry that look. How about retaining your hair colour for longer time?  Apply leave in conditioners after your hair wash. Cover your manes with a scarf or hat before stepping out.  Both the UV rays and humidity in the air can damage your hair.



It is better to give a touch-up once in a month or so. Use a brush or a cotton to color your hair. Keep it for few hours and wash it with cold water. Allow it to dry naturally.


Hope this article had been useful to you. Follow these natural tips to deal with your colored hair. Look stylish with your new hair color and prevent your original hair from being damaged. Revert to us in case of any queries.

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