Freedom From Dampness For Every House During Monsoon

India is a land of varied climate with both extremes. After scorching hot summer, the only wish we Indians have deep in our heart is for rain. Once, it begins to rain in our land, the scene is totally different. The peak of the monsoon season sees heavy down pour. With non-stop rain, dampness prevails in the environment. Our home is no excuse for dampness and other seasonal woes.

Freedom From Dampness For Every House During Monsoon

If your house is not built with enough precautions to face the monsoon showers, then the season can play havoc in your house leaving after-marks all over.

The first thing is, if your terrace is not planned well, it will bring in host of issues when it rains incessantly. Terrace of every home needs inspection regularly for the cracks. This will lead to leaking terrace and pitter-patter drops inside the bedroom/living room/kitchen. Soon, this will lead to damp walls, peeled paint, water seepage marks and might smell only dampness all around.

We as usual, do not bother to get things inspected and fixed until it is too late. I have personally experienced this. Our living room cannot withstand heavy down pour of just 2 continuous days. The corner where the ceiling joins the wall gets wet and the dampness is visible very well. Ignoring has cost us heavily. There are tiny droplets of rain water leaking into the living room at regular intervals. The intervals are pretty long as of now, but it might soon get reduced to just one-minute.

Luckily, there has been no termite infestation or breeding of pesky pests.

We have almost reached the last phase of monsoon as of now. And the first thing we plan to do is fix things up as soon as possible so that we are completely prepared for the next monsoon.

Waterproofing is a must for every house in a country like ours with extreme climate conditions. Sealing of every single tiny crack in every nook and corner of the house is very important. We learnt it the hard way.

Beginning with our search for solutions for damp ceiling and leaking terrace, we came across the brand Dr.Fixit. It excites me to learn about their initiative ‘Freedom from Dampness’ to aim at leak free India. They are highly aiming at no damp wall, no damp ceilings, no damp floors, no cracks and leakages in every home.

If you Dr.Fixit, they will provide an expert technical team who will inspect your property and come up with reports of suggestions and recommendations. They have trained applicators who have good waterproofing workmanship.

It is a general rule that every problem should be handed over to the experts for long lasting and guaranteed solutions. With their range of Dr.Fixit products, the brand ensures effective waterproofing foe every home who reaches them.

Timely investment in your home helps you to stay safe and healthy with no damp walls, damp ceilings, rising dampness, cracks and leakages.

You will be amused to see their new video which includes Bollywood’s super star Amitabh Bachchan. So was I. Video below –


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