Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub Review

I am back with a review from my favourite skin care brand. I love exfoliating. It is the most favourite part of my skin care regime. There is something soothing about scrubbing your face and getting all the gunk and dead skin out, clearing your pores and getting a squeaky clean skin in the process. I do not get facials done in parlours. Whatever I do, I do it at home. And again I don’t do extensive facial routines either. So regular exfoliation keeps my skin in a good condition and I can get away with a quick facial now and then. Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub is one of my favourite scrubs for regular weekly exfoliation.

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Product Claims – An exfoliating scrub with finely milled Walnuts in a pure Aloe Vera and vitamin A and E packed gel base. While the Aloe Vera and Vitamins stimulate cell regeneration, the oil rich Walnut has a deep cleansing action which brightens the complexion by gently removing dead cells and impurities.Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub Review (4)

This Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub has been formulated with a distinctive combination of high quality Kashmiri Walnuts with selected herbs like Agneemanth and Kachoor. Milled Walnut possesses excellent exfoliating properties which removes dead and damaged skin cells and smoothens and tones the skin. This combination has been used to provide nourishment and improve overall skin texture, giving a healthy glow.

Key Ingredients – Aqua, Walnut Shell Powder, Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Glycerine, Bael Root Powder, Kachoor Extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin A

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Packaging – It has the signature luxurious packaging. It comes in a tub style packaging with a glass bottom jar and a golden cap and a plastic stopper on the inside. It is a little messy to take out, so what I usually do is take out the required amount on the plastic stopper and take it to bath with me. I don’t usually carry scrubs with me for travel so I can’t say if its travel friendly. But I like to keep it in a cool place or in the fridge to get the added cooling before I use it.

Texture & Fragrance – The consistency of Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub a bit runny owing to the gel formulation. It looks dark brown in colour though because of the walnut in it, it almost looks like a coffee scrub. The scrub particles are very tiny and finely milled. Hence they will be non-abrasive on the skin. People with acne will love this scrub as it’s not harsh on the skin and has the cooling effect of aloe Vera. A tiny amount is enough to scrub your entire face and neck. It smells of lime or lemongrass, I am not able to decide. But it smells really fresh and I love the smell of this scrub on my skin after I have washed my face.

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My Experience

After cleansing my face I like to lightly dry my face and then apply the scrub on my face directly as it has runny texture. If I dilute it, its goodness will be lost. It easily spreads on my entire face and neck because of the gel consistency. I gently scrub my face with it, concentration a bit more on my nose and around my mouth. After scrubbing for 2-3 mins gently I wash it off. My skin feels cool when I wash it off.

Also, my skin feels soft and smooth. With the first use itself Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub removes the dead skin, reduces the tan, cleans the skin thoroughly and gives me a glow. My skin feels cleansed thoroughly and feels very smooth after using this scrub. My skin doesn’t feel stretchy or dry after. I use a light moisturiser after that. I use this mask twice to thrice a week depending on my skin condition and it has helped my clearing my skin a lot.

I sometimes alternate this by using this one twice and the Forest Essentials Hand Pounded fruit scrub once a week. It is very gentle on the skin, despite the walnut particles. People with oily skin and acne can use it as it’s not harsh and it’s cooling, even people with dry skin can use this as it does not dry out your skin. Only a tiny amount of product is needed for each use and one jar has lasted me 4-5 months.

This is probably my fourth jar. It does everything it claims. It cleanses my skin deeply, removes all dead skin and impurities thus brightening my skin and gives my skin a healthy glow and cooling effect. I love to use it in the summers as the aloe Vera and the fragrance make me feel fresh.

Overall Thoughts

I love Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub. It does everything it claims and has become a staple in my stash. I use it diligently twice a week. My skin cleansed and brightened and feels and smells fresh.

People with all type of skin types can benefit from this scrub. Some might find it pricey, but a tiny amount goes a long way and one jar lasts for a decent amount of time it saves me a lot of money over parlour trips for facials, so I find the price justified. I would and I have repurchased it again and again. It is an out and out winner for me.

Forest Essentials Revitalising Kashmiri Walnut Gel Scrub  (Price 1095 for 50gm)

Rating : 5/5


*Written By Lavanya
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