Economic Times Women’s Forum – Bringing Great Minds Together

In the 21st century there has been a lot for empowerment of Indian women. A lot of influential women have come forward to help uplift other women and also address various social issues. There has been a rise in public platforms that are bringing like-minded influential women from all walks of life together, to have relevant discussions of what can be done in this sphere. Economic Times Women's Forum - Bringing Great Minds Together

One such platform is Economic Times Women’s Forum which has brought together influential global leaders who champion women’s empowerment. These influential women are from diverse fields like politics, finance, business, defense forces and the arts, share their perspectives on how they beat the odds. 

Economic Times Women’s Forum not only promotes healthy discussion among eminent personalities but also opens up a platform where women leaders can have conversations, participate in panel discussions, and can network to make a difference.

New age women, whether they are from metros or villages, demand better career prospects, access to finances and a work culture that nurtures them. These women are bridging the gender gaps in works places and helping other women to learn from their experiences. ETWF has provided a common ground where these exemplary individuals share their journeys of courage, conviction and their creative talent. 

As a woman, I have always been influenced by those who have defeated the odds and made a mark for themselves. Empowered women can always lead others by influencing them and helping them in being the best version of them.

Apart from the conversations at the event, the forum also holds online debates that help see both the sides of a topic. E.g. a recent topic that is up for discussion on the ET Women’s Forum pages is – Should workplace diversity be a key deciding factor during hiring? The topic is trying to gauge the imbalance that women face at work place. Women, while making up 42% of new graduates, only make up 24% of entry level service and industrial jobs. At a senior level, the numbers are even less with only 20% female representation in senior management in India! 

Debates backed by data offer insights that can find solutions for the prevailing issues. I strongly feel that there should be more platforms like Economic Times Women’s Forum which not only highlight issues but also help in finding out the possible solutions. Explore the rich culture of the forum on its website They also have a nomination drive running on their social media platforms where you can nominate the inspirational women in your life and turn their stories into legend. To view the ET Woman’s Forum from the lens of the new age woman you can follow their Instagram handle. Champion the cause of empowerment by taking part in the forum debates on their social media platforms.

I am definitely joining in the interesting conversations, hope to see you there as well. 

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    Anita Singh

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