How To Color Hair Naturally At Home – Two Ways

Don’t you get bored with your regular hair style and hair color?? Well I get bored with my hair color and style like there is no tomorrow and honestly speaking, I keep experimenting with my hair every now and then. No product in the market is free from chemical today; especially when it comes to hair dyes, trusting is a major issue. Who wants that? Hence always go the natural way if you are regular experimental person like me. I try and keep all my hair experiments as natural as I can. Today I am going to share 2 natural methods to Color Hair Naturally At Home without worrying about hair damage.

Henna is that natural herb which had been used as a natural hair dye over centuries. This herb can change your hair color from brown to black to blonde to burgundy, just a matter of adding few ingredients or the other. You can personalize your own new hair color to flaunt without putting your hair into trouble and torture. A Simple use of henna on your hair can be perfect to Color Hair Naturally At Home

Take 1 or 2 tablespoon of henna depending upon the length of your hair; add water cautiously to form a thick paste like consistency. Once achieved that consistency keep the batter of henna into a bowl overnight and apply in the morning for 2 to 4 hours. This would bring the perfect hair color.

Now let’s check out other methods to color you hair light brown and burgundy

Method 1: Henna with Coffe for light brown hair color 


  • 2 tbsp Henna powder
  • 5 sachets of Coffee
  • 1 cup Water

Preparation and Application : Put henna into a bowl and add the coffee into it. Add water little by little to attain a thick consistency. Mix all the ingredients well for 5 minutes so that the mixture is well blended. Leave this overnight and apply next day concentrating from scalp to root.

Wash off after 3 hours and see your natural color transform into new gorgeous color. Not just that, This mixture also treats the rough texture of your hair by providing the boost and shine to the hair naturally. If you want the intensity in the color you can also heat this paste before applying. You can touch up your hair using the same procedure in every two to three months.

Method 2: henna with tea For darkest brown or burgundy color 


  • 2 tbsp henna powder
  • 2 to 3 tsp tea
  • 1   ½ cup water
  • ½ lemon

Prepration and Application :  firstly boil the water with tea for 5 to 10 good minutes till the tea leaves leave their color. Once boiled nicely, add the half lemon to it and mix the henna powder. Keep battering it till the green henna color turns into slightly brownish or reddish in color.

You can keep it overnight to make the color stronger or you can also apply it right after preparing it. (Tip: If you want to get a strong red undertone to your hair just add 1 small sized grinded beetroot in the henna paste). You will see a beautiful hair color coming out after this. In order to get more and more intensity you can repeat the same procedure after every month. I am sure that you are going to love it.

There is another recipe which will help you to Prepare Hair Color Using Beetroot & Henna

I hope you find these two ways to Color Hair Naturally At Home easy to follow.


*Written By Mehvish Rana
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