Dermatologist Recommended Treatments For Uneven Skin Tone

At birth, we all have baby soft skin with an even tone all over. With the passage of time, the skin tone becomes uneven with most people developing a darkening of the skin around the mouth and in the forehead area. This darkening of the skin is due to a pile up of dead skin cells in these areas.Treating uneven skintoneA healthy lifestyle, using a sunscreen regularly, drinking plenty of fluids to hydrate the body and following a regular skin care routine does help to even out the skin tone. However, if you are looking for a skin treatment for accelerated benefit, here are a few Treatments For Uneven Skin Tone.

Chemical Peeling – Acidic agents are applied on the skin surface. These agents loosen the glue that binds the dead skin cells, the dead layer then drops off leaving behind a glowing skin. This is a lunchtime treatment procedure with very minimal side effects. We often perform monthly glycolic peels with a regular skin care routine to be followed at home for long term sustained benefits.

Photo-facials – This Treatment For Uneven Skin Tone is done using an Intense Pulsed Light device. Visible light is flashed through the skin. The light gets absorbed by the pigments in the skin which then get destroyed. This is also a lunchtime procedure and is carried out once a month. The advantage of this procedure is that in addition to giving a uniform skin tone, it also gets rid of the blemishes on the skin. Not everyone is a suitable candidate for this treatment, one would need a specialist consultation before undergoing the procedure.

Microdermabrasion – This procedure can be carried out using either aluminium hydroxide crystals or a diamond tip. The crystals or the tip used physically loosen out the dead layer of cells leaving the skin with a glow. This Treatment For Uneven Skin Tone is also a lunchtime procedure with very minimal risks and needs to be carried out once a month.

Mesotherapy – In this procedure, multiple tiny injections are given all over the face. The injections contain active anti-oxidants and skin lightening agents. The injections can be slightly painful but the pain can be minimised by using a local anaesthetic gel prior to the injections. The schedule of injections depends upon the active ingredients being used but the majority are injected once a month for about 3-6 months. This Treatments For Uneven Skin Tone places the active ingredients directly in the deeper layers of the skin and hence it is more effective than simple application of the active agents on the skin surface and is also long lasting. The only risk is that of developing a bruise which settles down in about 5-7 days.

Advanced Facials – Like salon facials, this Treatment For Uneven Skin Tone involves cleansing, toning and moisturising. However, the ingredients used have active skin treating properties. The active ingredients are beta hydroxyl acids, resaverterol (red wine extract) or green tea extract. After a superficial peel, these active agents are massaged into the skin for better penetration and enhanced benefits. The process can be carried out once a month and can be a replacement for a regular salon facial.

I have covered this topic in continuation to Treating Uneven Skin tone Series. This article has been written By Dr. Sirisha Singh, the founding member and partner consultant of The Skin Center, is highly qualified with 8 years of work experience in the United Kingdom. 

I have also undergone one session of Photofacial, and will be sharing my experience in a separate post. You can visit Dr Sirisha Singh by booking an appointment –

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