Chanel Foundation Brush No 6 Review Photos Price India

Chanel Foundation Brush No 6 (2850/- INR, Available at Chanel Stores across India)CHANEL Foundation Brush no 6 review price photos india (3)

I’m sure the makeup brush which I’m showing you today is not new to you at all, must have seen this many a times in Lisa Eldridge’s videos? I picked this sometime last year and was regretting why I didn’t pick it earlier. Although I am more of “use your natural heat for base makeup” kind of person but if am in hurry and don’t want to waste time in cleaning and sanitizing my fingers I certainly use this.

Brush make – The brush size and the handle length is absolutely perfect and gives good grip , the wooden handle is sturdy and the bristles are tightly packed and have nice curve on the tip which makes them easy to move around and leave flawless finish, they comes back to their shape very easily after application or washing . The synthetic bristles are great for liquid foundation or cream products and are easy to blend seamlessly. Chanel Foundation Brush comes neatly packed in cardboard box and with a velvet sleeve which I find very helpful if am travelling.

Useful for – Chanel Foundation Brush is recommended for liquid foundation but apart from that it is equally good for cream products like – blushes or highlighters . I do use it for my liquid or cream highlighters and find the shape is just right to place the product and blend in. It doesn’t leave any streaky feeling and feels soft against my skin.

CHANEL Foundation Brush no 6 review price photos india (4)

How I clean – If I have used a highlighter with the brush I spot clean it on a wet tissue, if I have used this for foundation I prefer doing a deep clean but if lazy I spot clean and then wash it after every 2 – 3 usage, but I keep this covered once it dries after spot cleaning so it doesn’t pick dust. Chanel Foundation Brush takes approximately 6 hrs to dry down completely but I find that it is okay considering how tightly the bristles are packed.


Overall thoughts

Most of the times I use my fingers to apply foundation but if am not in a mood I pick this foundation brush, it is equally good for applying liquid highlighter and one of the reasons I picked this brush was, the famous Lisa Eldridge recommends and use this brush quite often in her videos and being her ardent fan and follower I had to try this. Trust me, am not at all disappointed and highly recommend you to give this a shot.

Rating – 4.5/5


*Written By Rashmi
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  • May 11, 2015


    This seems to be a good brush but I prefer the stipple brush for better finish..
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  • May 12, 2015

    The Beauty Highlights

    This looks amazing..