How To Brighten Dark Tired Dull Eye Area Quickly

We all face this unhealthy situation where our eyes look too tired and our face loses the charm. It might happen because we didn’t sleep properly or also if we are exhausted from the day’s work. This situation is so common with youngsters these days. This article shall give you an idea on how you could Brighten Dark Tired Dull Eye Area Quickly and bring back that old charm to your face!How To Brighten Dark Tired Dull Eye Area Quickly

Wide open eyes make change the whole look! Yes, it is a kind of illusion that makes the other person into believing that one is fresh. Use a concealer to hide the dark area under the eyes and set it with loose powder. This will Brighten Dark Tired Dull Eye Areaa. To open up the eyes and to make it defined, lining it is a must. To do this, simply line the outer lash line with a black eyeliner or brown eyeliner of your choice. There is no need to entirely line the eye, just line the outer two-thirds of the eye. This will make the eye look pretty defined. If you are not an eyeliner person simply tightline the upper waterline with a kajal and you are done.

The next step is to lift those lashes. For this, you need an eyelash curler. Curl the lashes by holding the eyelash curler for 10 seconds each on the eyelash. This will enhance the eyelashes. Now coat the lashes with mascara. It will add color as well as lengthen the lashes with volume. If you feel that the lashes look clumpy, just go over the lashes with a spool. This will separate the lashes and also remove the clumpiness.

Fill in the brow with a brow filling power or a brown eyeshadow that matches your eyebrow color. You can also add an eyebrow gel just to keep your tamed eyebrow in place. Now to bring some light into the eyes, highlight the inner duct of the eyes. You can either use a highlighter or a pearly eyeshadow. Use the same highlighter on the brow bone too.

If you want, you can also line the lower waterline but with a white Kajal. Nude or white kajal will give an appearance of wide-awake eyes. You can also amplify the look by adding false lashes. Choose one that does not look over dramatic and one which suits your eye shape.

All this will Brighten Dark Tired Dull Eye Area. Apart from these makeup tips, you should drink more water to hydrate yourself. Dehydration will make you look tired and lifeless, so make it a point to keep you hydrated always! Having fresh fruits will also help you in gaining back that momentum of energy!


*Written By Aiswarya A V


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