BodyHerbals Lemon Foot Cream Review Photos Price

I recently tried the BodyHerbals Orange Honey Body Polisher and liked it so thought of trying out a foot cream from their range. The BodyHerbals Lemon Foot Cream caught my eye and I immediately thought of picking it up. I have been using this foot cream every night before going to bed for a few weeks now and will share what I feel about it.BodyHerbals Lemon Foot Cream Review Photos Price

Product Description:

Your feet is your vehicle to your destination. To maintain healthy and spa finished feet regular care is recommended. BodyHerbals Miraculous lemon foot cream is a heel and skin booster which works like magic on hard skin and dry heels. The aromatic blend of pure lemon oil with unique ayurvedic formula of different herbs help troubled feet and repair dry cracked feet. It eliminates odour and rejuvenates tired itchy feet.

The cream condition nails and help removing yellowness. Rough and cracked heel lemon foot cream work wonders on your feet. It is fast acting, deep penetrating wonder foot cream. Lemon is rich in vitamin c hence is known for natural skin radiance and even skin toning. It also helps to condition the nails while removing yellowness.

Shea butter is composed of natural ingredients which help to nourish the skin. Pure beeswax with other natural ingredients helps to repair cracked heels. FDA Approved, Sulphate free, Clinically Tested, Cruelty-Free, Paraben free, all skin types, for men & Women.BodyHerbals Lemon Foot Cream Review Photos Price

Packaging: The BodyHerbals Lemon Foot Cream comes in a huge white plastic tub that has all the details mentioned on it. I was quite surprised to see how big it was when I received it. It is secured by a cap and the cream doesn’t leak out whatsoever. However, since the tub is huge, I don’t think I’d be able to travel with it. There’s nothing fancy about the packaging apart from its huge size.

Consistency: The cream has a very thick consistency. It feels very creamy and takes time to seep into the skin. initially, I didn’t know how much product I would need and ended up taking a bit more since my feet felt dry. But it felt too greasy. So, only a tiny pea-sized amount has to be taken and it would be sufficient. If I take a small amount, it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy, so that works.

Colour and fragrance: It is white in colour and smells heavenly of lemons. I personally like citrusy fragrances so don’t mind my feet smelling so. It is not so strong so even if you’re allergic to citrusy smell, it won’t bother much.

Price and quantity: The tub comes in a huge 100gm quantity and costs ₹359. The price is good compared to the quantity and since I need only a small amount, it would last me for months! I’m glad that the product would last me longer since I like how my feet feel the next morning I wake up. 

Overall thoughts:

I like how the foot cream makes my feet so soft, smooth and moisturised. And since it contains lemons, it makes my feet odour free and helps to get rid of pigmentation as well. The cream is quite thick, so I usually prefer using it before I go to sleep. But it leaves my feet so soft and smooth.

I’ve also noticed that my heels feel much smoother and the cracks have started to heal. The only tricky part is that if I take more product my feet feel too greasy. I have to be careful while using it. I take only a small quantity and massage my feet for a few minutes so that it seeps deep into my skin.

I really liked this foot cream and would suggest you go for it, especially if your feet are dry and have cracks. Since it has beeswax and shea butter as well, it keeps my feet moisturised and I wake up with healthy looking legs. 

Rating: 4/5

You can buy the BodyHerbals Lemon Foot Cream online. 

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  • Reply July 20, 2019

    Sonali Patil

    I have dry feet as well as cracked heel. Might give it a try. Haven’t used any spl foot cream ever
    Sonali Patil recently posted…Ilana Organics Clarifying Face Serum Review

  • Reply July 29, 2019


    This blog is the fascinating one and it induces me to know more about it. Thanks for the sharing this blog and keep on sharing these kinds of useful blogs.

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