5 Best & Easy Homemade Body Scrub Recipes For Smooth Skin

The best suggested solution to remove dead skin and cells from your body is by exfoliating using a body scrub. The gritty granules or particles in the body scrub does wonder to the skin making it soft, smooth, and look young and fresh. You need not spend loads of money on those fancy fragranced body scrub tubs. Instead you can make one yourself instantly at home. Here are 5 Best & Easy Homemade Body Scrub Recipes –

5 Best & Easy Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

Brown Sugar + Honey Body Scrub

Take one medium cup full of brown sugar (or white sugar), preferably organic sugar. To this, pour honey and mix well. The consistency might turn gooey, but this is what moisturizes, exfoliates and nurtures the skin to a great extent.

If you find using this scrub a little troublesome, then thin it down by adding few drops of water to a dollop of the scrub in your palm and make it smoother. You will need soap and water to wash after exfoliating your skin. This one of the best and easy homemade body scrub.

Avocado + Almond + Oatmeal Body Scrub

When you peel a fully ripe avocado, you will know how easy it is to smash and make a smooth buttery paste. Take half cup of almonds and ground it coarsely. Also take half cup of powdered oatmeal. Mix all three well to form a smooth buttery exfoliating body scrub.

Take this body scrub to the shower. Wet yourself and apply all over your skin and massage gently for few minutes. Rinse off to enjoy a smooth radiant skin.


5 Best & Easy Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

Sea Salt + Olive Oil + Lemon Body Scrub

Salt is another excellent skin exfoliator. Use half a cup of sea salt and 3-4 spoon of olive oil (or any favourite moisturizing skin oil). Add citrus zest, say lemon, orange or grape fruit. Mix well before you take it to the bath.

This is a very refreshing bath scrub. Follow with moisturizer.

Coffee + Vanilla Body Scrub

Coffee and vanilla both have amazing aroma which lifts the mood instantly. Take one cup of coffee grounds from freshly brewed pot. Add one tea spoon of vanilla extract, it will make your body scrub smell like heaven.

Add coconut cream and whip well. You may also add coconut oil if you don’t have cream in hand. This scrub will leave your skin super soft, heavily moisturized and happy.

Banana + Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Banana, a one stop treatment for many skin problems like pigmentation, tanning, black heads, wrinkles, dryness, itchiness, and many more. When you add the basic skin scrub material like salt or sugar along with the smooth pulp of mashed banana, you are creating a wonder product for your own skin.

The ease with which this Banana – Sugar Scrub lift up the dead skin is surprising. It does not feel harsh or tearing on the skin, instead it moisturizes the skin too.

Share more easy Homemade Body Scrub Recipes if you have any. Which is your favourite homemade body scrub?


*Written By Chand
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  • October 3, 2016


    Nice post. I love the brown sugar and honey scrub. Simple and effective…
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  • October 14, 2016


    This is soooooo helpful, I am going prepare 1 version for me in this weekend….