Am I Too Busy to be me … ?

Lately I have been kept very busy by the festivals and of course by my Little Girl. She has strated crawling and tries to stand up on her own by clinging on to corners of tables and walking step by step.. I love to see her walking but at the same time I cant leave her out of my sight for even a minute… So these days I am cooking, eating, blogging & walking with her either in my arms of in my lap… Motherhood is a divine feeling but at the same time I feel like my wings have been pinned…Sometimes I see life running so fast, I want to pause & take a breath but then I might miss on couple of things on my “to do” list.. Can’t compromise with Taking care of my princess & Blogging.. Sometimes My husband asks why are you so much worried about your Blog ?? Its just a blog !!

I know he wouldn’t be able to understand that Blogging has given a whole new direction to my life..This one hobby has changed me a lot.. I love it … Even when I was at my mum’s place last week, I used to miss my hubby & blog equally 😀

Only we Bloggers can understand that along with Juggling so many roles, we still have to  channelize our “ME” time in a way that can make us feel complete… Blogging is not all about buying new stuffs and blabbering, from my point of view, it showcases one’s mind, aspirations, motivations and meaning…

I have thought a lot and decided that I will do random blabberings also .. So for now all my beautiful readers “You have to bear it” 😛 …

My Naughty Daughter is 8 months old now … She is playing next to me … Here is her pic ..

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