6 Hair Care Tips For Summer

Hair care tips for summer

Summers are finally here and we know that summer is harmful for the skin. But it’s not only harmful for your skin or health but it’s also harmful for your hair. Yes, the summer sun can worsen your hair texture and can cause severe damage if you don’t follow some summer’s hair-care tips. One should take care of hair as much as they take care of their skin before the hair condition turns into an endless battle. Here are few summer hair care tips which one should follow to prevent hair damage from the sun, heat and humidity:6 Hair Care Tips For Summer

  1. Swimming Tip: Swimming is the best activity in summer to keep body cool but you know the chlorine water the UV sun rays can damage your hair? No, I am not saying you to quit swimming but it’s good to lessen the damage by following some useful tip. Before swimming, wet you hair and apply a thin layer of conditioner. Apply it all over except the scalp for obvious reasons. The conditioner coating will act as a thin protective layer between the sun and your hair which will eventually prevent damage.
  2. Avoid Exposure: Messy braids or knows are ideal for summer not only because they are tied up but also because they avoid total exposure to the sun. Avoid leaving your hair open as they’ll be exposed to sun directly which is damaging for your hair strands. These cool summer hairstyle not only look chic but also prevent sun damage and prevent frizz. If you are going out with open hair then make sure to carry umbrella or cover your head using scarf. Prevention is always better than cure girls.
  3. Use Sunscreen: Sunscreen is not only essential for your skin but your hair needs sunscreen too. The sun can damage your hair follicle and can make your hair dry and frizzy so to prevent any summer damage make sure you use good quality hair sunscreen. If you don’t find sunscreen for your hair, you can make one easily at home. Take 200ml of rose water and mix 3-4 drops of pure grape seed oil into it. Store this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it on your hair whenever stepping out in the sun. It will protect your hair against harmful sun rays. You can also use shampoo, conditioners, and serum and leave-in conditioners with UV protection to prevent sun damage.
  4. Wash Less: In summer one common mistake girls do is frequent washing of hair. Sweating is very common in summer but please don’t wash your hair frequently, it will not solve the issue instead it will worsen the condition. Using too much shampoo can dam age your hair follicles. IF you really want to wash then wash using only water and don’t use any shampoo.
  5. Sun Repair Mask: Use sun repair mask after coming from sun exposure to eliminate the further UV damage. There are many sun repair mask available in the market but if you are looking for natural mask then try aloe Vera gel. These masks will not only eliminate further damage but they will also repair the damaged hair effectively. You can also wash your hair with only water to get rid of impurities.
  6. No to Additional Heat: In summers your hair are already facing so much heat so avoid using any other additional heat on them. Don’t use hair dryers, curlers, straighteners as much as you can to prevent further damage caused by heat. Also avoid using hot water to rinse your hair, instead use cold water.

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