5 Ways To Accessorize White Shirt – Tips & Suggestions

We swear by our white shirts right? And what is more stylish and comfy than a white shirt and an ice-blue jeans on a hot summer day? Nothing! But it is sometimes too monotonous to wear a plain white shirt and denims always, so here are 5 ways to accessorize white shirt:

5 Ways to accessorise a white shirt

Scarves: How do you completely alter a look by being easy on your pocket? Scarves! They are as good as their prices! Wear a different colour scarf around your neck in different styles each time you wear your shirts and put on matching lipsticks. Then watch your friends go, “You weren’t wearing this shirt the other day, were you?” “Of course not!” 😉

Dungarees: If you are the quirky one who is not shy to cross the bounds for the stake of style then dungarees are for you. No hassle, no makeup, no fuss, just a high ponytail/bun and your favourite pair of dungarees. And if you may, let a floral printed satchel do all the talking!

Necklaces: My personal favourite is this option. I am a Taurean and like most other Taureans I rock neckpieces like I was born for it! Stone-studded neckpieces and collar necklaces are my favourite accessories with shirts. You may wear any colour you like because it is a white shirt we are talking about!

Bright Hot-pants: Ditch your regular denim hot-pants and go for bright cotton hot-pants that only spell summers! These are comfortable, lightweight, come in vibrant shades and prints and are super affordable. You can own many at the price of one denim pant and are at your free will to experiment with those every time you go out. To add glam to the look, you may want to add a thin silver belt along your waistline. Otherwise the poppy ones would do just fine.

Bags: It is almost as if a rule to carry tan or camel coloured bags with white shirt. And there is no denying it is uber classy too. But we are not always on a business meeting or a formal outing to be dressing the same way. Any bag pairs well up with a plain white shirt. Your liberty of experiments can go to any level as you generally never make a fashion faux pas wearing a white shirt unless until something goes horribly wrong. And there is no fear of such as long as you keep to basics: like wearing a blue/black/tan denims underneath. Carry a navy blue, pink or red handbag with your white shirt on, and see heads turn!

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These are the 5 ways by which you can jazz up your plain white shirt. Do not worry, as long as the shirt is white there is no chance of going overboard! And did I mention, that this time you do not have a ban on any particular lip colour? Wear a different lipstick each day, every colour goes well with white, just remember not to colour crash with any neckpiece, scarf or bag you are sporting. How cool is that? Let me know how you would Accessorize White Shirt in the comments below!


*Written By Bhramari Biswas


  • May 3, 2016


    Great tips. I like using Scarves to jazz up white shirts 🙂
    Swathi recently posted…

  • May 3, 2016


    I love wearing it with jeans for semi formal look 🙂
    perkymegs recently posted…