5 Tips To Get Long Lashes & Fuller Eyebrows

Back in the days, we were only concerned about half -fall and no one bothered about lashes or brows. But now, things have changed and people have started caring for everything related to beauty. Lashes and brows can fall out due to side effects of medicine, expired makeup products, and some other medical conditions .Fuller and thick brows always reflect good health and it is proportional to beauty!  Not everyone would be blessed with thick eyebrows but there are some tricks that can help you in growly the lashes. Read on to find what all you can do to get thick Long lashes and fuller eyebrows – 5 Tips To Get Long Lashes & Fuller Eyebrows

Castor oil- This oil contains Ricinoleic acid and omega- 6 essential fatty acids that accelerate the process of hair growth. Applying this every night before sleep will help in achieving fuller eyebrows and long lashes. Dip a Q-tip into Castor oil and apply it on the desired area. Do  not allow the oil to get into the eye as it may cause mild irritation.

Aloe vera – Aloe Vera gel is a multipurpose gel which has great benefits filled in it. Aloe vera enhances hair growth and also conditions it. It also helps in stopping the fallout. Apply a small quantity of this gel on brows and lashes and leave overnight. Wash it off the next day in cold water. Do this regularly for few months and you will see good results.

Vitamin e capsule- Vitamin -E is great for hair as it boosts the process of hair growth and makes it shiny. It helps the hair follicles in anchoring properly which in turn gives strength to hair.  Just pop a vitamin -E capsule and apply it to the problem areas. Be religious with this and in few weeks’ time, you can see long lashes and fuller eyebrows.

Hibiscus oil – This oil has properties that stimulate hair growth and stops any fall outs.  Mix equal quantity of hibiscus oil and aloe vera gel and store in a small container.  Use it every night and in a months time you will witness thick lashes!

Almond oil– This oil is rich in vitamin E, Omega fatty acids and other nutrients which promote healthy hair growth. This is a powerful oil which gives fast results. Apply this oil onto the lashes every night before bedtime with the help of an old mascara wand and you shall start to see the magic in few weeks’ time!

The key to Long Lashes & Fuller Eyebrows is consistency! Choose what works for you and stick to it.
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  • July 19, 2018


    Nice tips. Castor oil works very well for eyelash growth. Didn’t know Hibiscus oil can be used too…
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