5 Must Have Beauty Skincare Products For Monsoons

We all might recall that summertime is that time of the year, which is coarse on our skin and hair, but technically monsoon is worse for our hair and pelt! Taking good care will always be an essential this season. In this season there are some inevitable that you must carry with you all the time. Read on to find Must Have Beauty Skincare Products For Monsoons are.5 Must Have Beauty Skincare Products For Monsoons

Sunscreen- Don’t see the sun, not a good reason to skip your sunscreen! Sun’s UV-A and UV-B rays are so harsh that they can penetrate even through the glass on your windows. Even rays from the computer screens can cause damage to our skin. Sun rays can cause pigmentation, age spots, wrinkles, skin cancer and other skin issues if sunscreen is not used properly. For an effective protection against the sun, use sunscreens of at least 30 SPF. SPF is sun protection factor, which means more the SPF, longer the protection. To calculate, SPF 5 will give you 50 minutes of protection and you need to reapply after that period of time. Along with this PA protection should also be there. The minimum you should hunt in a sunscreen is PA+, while the maximum is PA+++. Also try to find a Waterproof sunscreen, so that the rain doesn’t affect its efficiency.5 Must Have Beauty Skincare Products For Monsoons

Antibacterial Face Wash– Face wash is to be chosen according to skin type and weather. If the weather is too cold it will make your skin dry, so a cream based face wash is to be chosen. If the weather is too hot then you must pick some light gel based face wash. In this season of monsoon, the rain will bring down dirt, dust and other impurities in the atmosphere which further will sink into the surface of skin. Any foreign element on the surface of the skin can cause breakouts. So it is better to stick to Antibacterial face washes which have the power to eliminate the foreign element as well as they purify the skin.5 Must Have Beauty Skincare Products For Monsoons

Compact Powder No matter what the weather is, your skin is bound to secrete its oils through pores on the skin. Skin pores are like windows which provide adequate oxygen. You may not experience oiliness on every part of your skin, but places like around the nose, forehead and chin may sometimes become too oily compared to the rest of your face. To make the face oil free it is important to carry around a lightweight, compact powder of your choice. This will ensure that you are presentable all this time! 5 Must Have Beauty Skincare Products For Monsoons

Foot Scrub If it is monsoon, then you are bound to get dirty. Like face, our feet to needs good care. Dirt can get into your nails and can in the worst case cause infections.  Therefore the foot needs to be cleaned thoroughly. Hence, investing in a good foot scrub is a good idea. The scrub takes away all the dead skin cells and brings in the new and fresh skin. This process will make your skin smooth and supple. It is ideal to use this foot scrub once in two weeks. This will make sure that your foot is neat and free from any infections.5 Must Have Beauty Skincare Products For Monsoons

Light Weight MoisturizerAn ideal skin care routine includes CTM that is cleansing, toning and moisturization. What may be the season; this routine will ensure that your skin is happy all the time! A moisturizer nourishes the skin and also makes the skin supple. It hydrates the skin from within and also protects from external factors. During this season opt for a lightweight moisturizer which is of gel consistency. This will never make your skin feel heavy.


These were the very basic five Must Have Beauty Skincare Products For Monsoons. Hope it helped you in deciding the best for you!


*Written By Aiswarya
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  • July 17, 2017

    Aparna Mudi

    I quite agree with your list. I used to use the medimix soap quite often as a child….

  • July 17, 2017


    Foot scrub is a must for me. My feet can get dry and all the walking in the rain doesn’t do any good to the soles. A good foot scrub definitely helps keep my feet healthy.
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  • July 17, 2017


    Nice list. Using an antibacterial face wash is very important in monsoons…
    Archana recently posted…Review of Alanna Naturally Beautiful Golden Glow Face Pack

  • July 17, 2017


    A good sunscreen and a lightweight face cleanser is a must for rainy season!
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  • July 17, 2017

    Anita Singh

    Anti bacterial n anti fungal products bahut jaruri hain 👍👍 compact bhi bahut kaam aata hai
    Thanks for sharing 😊