10 Tips To Lighten Dark Lips – Home Remedies

Tips To Lighten Dark Lips – Home RemediesHow to lighten dark lips naturally

Dark lips are a common problem amongst women. Dark lips change the entire look of the face. Any lip color does not show up as it own true color since the darkness in the lips tend to alter the original color of the lipstick/lip gloss/tinted lip balm. Many a times lip pigmentation tends to be very irritating.

A rosy Pink lip enhances the beauty and is very attractive naturally. Here are few tried and tested home remedies that help in lighten the lip pigmentation. These tips on lightening the dark lips have been in practise from ages and have been proved as very handy.

  • Honey : Honey has a never ending list of beauty benefits. Lip care also in included in the list. Honey is believed to easily lighten the darkness from the lips. Apply a thin layer of honey like a lip balm. Leave it over night. During the day time, apply again and again as you are sure to lick off the honey applied on your lips. So re apply at regular intervals.
  • Lemon: Lemon has bleaching property. And thus applying lemon on to the lips mildly bleaches the lips thus lightening the pigmentation on the lips.
  • Homemade lip balm: Lip balms are always helpful. They moisturize and helps to keep the dry flakiness of the lips at bay. Slightly heat and melt some pure original bee wax and add few drops of almond oil. Mix well and allow cooling. Store it in a clean tin. This is the purest form of lip balm you would have ever used.
  • Oil: A thin layer of light oil also acts as a natural lip balm and provides moisturizing to the lips. It reduces the pigmentation of the lips. Olive oil is the best chosen when it comes to lightening the pigmentation on the lips.
  • Sugar scrubbing: Scrubbing is necessary to remove the unwanted or dead layer of skin on the lips. When the lips are polished they look fuller, pink and healthy.
  • Massaging: Massaging is an essential part of lip caring too. Apply a thin layer of lip balm or any of your favourite oil. Slightly press the lips with your ring finger and also massage with light circular motion. This will increase blood circulation and help in appearing the lips more pink. Darkness also begins decrease. You can also use ice cubes to massage the lips.
  • Strawberries and other berries: Strawberries are an important ingredient in many of the lip products. Using directly the raw strawberry on the lips will prove to be more efficient. They have lightening properties and thus best when it comes to lip treatment.
  • Mix half spoon strawberry juice with fine sugar granules to prepare a lip scrub. Apply lip balm and then use the strawberry scrub on the lips. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off. You will enjoy your baby like lips.
  • Beetroot and Glycerine: Mix glycerine and beet root juice and apply on lips. Leave it overnight and wash off next morning. Glycerine locks the moisture and beetroot provides the natural color. Beetroot helps in making the lips look more pink and rosy naturally.

There are some general care to be followed which will help in preventing the occurring of dark lips. It is always best to prevent rather than treating the lip pigmentation.

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks and dark tea. They tend to stain and makes the lips appear more darker and over a period of time the staining appears to be very rigid.
  • Protect from sun. Like skin, lips too get damaged by exposure to harsh sun. The skin on the lips is lot delicate than any skin anywhere else. Use lip balms with suitable SPF.
  • Massaging and exfoliation has to be done at regular intervals. Too much is not too good. Also no-scrubbing is also a not a good idea. Massaging and scrubbing has to be done in the right way and right time.
  • Quitting smoking and alcoholic drinks is a must. They never help in any way. They destroy every possible thing in our body and lips are no exception.
  • Remove any lip makeup product before night. Give the lip products some break. A continued non-stop usage of lipsticks, lip liner and other lip makeup products is not advised considering the health of the lips.
  • Have faith and patience in the home made treatments. They take some time and begin showing the results on prolonged usage.

Do you have pigmentation in your lips? How are you treating your dark lips?

*Written By Chand

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