10 Simple Home Made Toners For Oily Skin

We all know that cleansing must be a part of your skin care routine irrespective of the skin type. But do you know what is most important skin care regimen that oily skin tones should follow. That is none other than toning. Now, let’s discuss about what is the major problem with oily skin. It is the excess oil on their face. And because of this excess oil issues like dirty skin, pimples and all that crop up. So, toning is the skin care routine wherein excess oil is absorbed and the skin is naturally cleansed. And if you practise toning for long term then your skin will naturally secrete much less oil. Its good to use Simple Home Made Toners.

Now, since you understood the relevance of toning. Let’s talk about what all toners should you use. Well, market is flooded with number of toners. But I suggest beginning with natural homemade toners. They are not only much more effective than the commercially available ones but also they don’t cause any side effects to your skin. And they come at relatively very less price too.

Patanjali Divya Gulab Jal Rose Water Review - Home Made Toners For Oily Skin

Below given is the list of natural home made toners for oily skin –
  1. Rose Water – Rose water is such a versatile product. And if you use it regularly by just applying it through the cotton balls on your face then it will keep your face radiant and oil free for longer hours. Its the easiest and effective toner for oily skin.
  2. Egg White – Egg white is known to be very good for oily skin. Apply egg white directly or mix with any other ingredient in the face pack at least once a week and see the difference yourself.
  3. Aloe Vera – Another must have skin care product. This works as an excellent toner for the oily skin. It takes away excess oil from your face and in turn moisturises the skin too.
  4. Ice Cubes – One of the most cost effective toner is the ice cubes which we can get even in our home very easily. You just need to apply the ice cubes directly on your face and it controls the oil secretion gradually.
  5. Lemon – One of my most favourite skin care product. Lemon is such a versatile product that you can use it in multiple ways. Just rub the lemon peels on your face and you can see the difference in some weeks only.
  6. White Vinegar – Have you heard of white vinegar? If no, then you must know that it is a fab toner for oily skin. Just take a cotton ball and dip white vinegar in it. Apply it directly on your face with the cotton ball.
  7. Mint Leaves – You might have heard that mint leaves have anti-bacterial properties. Well, if you boil some mint leaves in hot water and then use the water directly on your face. You can see not only your oil secretion decreasing but also your skin getting cleansed naturally.
  8. Cucumber Juice – You might know that cucumber juice has the cooling effects on your skin. But do you know that it does wonders on oily skin too. Well, if you apply cucumber juice regularly to your face then it will dry soon and then will regular usage you will see that it is controlling the oil beautifully.
  9. Green Tea – Another fab home made toners for oily skin. I think green tea is more like a boon for the oily and sensitive skin. You can try green tea in numerous ways. But one of the best for oily skin is that take a little amount of green tea and dilute it with water and use this as a face wash rinse numerous times in a day.
  10. Fuller Earth – Fuller earth is very good for oily skin type. They tighten your skin and take away all the oil from your face.

So, these were some of the excellent home made toners. I am sure you must have used some of them. Let me know if you use any more toners in the comments down below.


*Written By Pallavi Bose
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