10 Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India

Without right tools, the application of makeup does not look great. One can achieve flawless makeup look only by applying using the finest makeup brushes. In India there are several brands that provide makeup brushes which are of good quality. Here are 10 Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India you should know before investing in your first set of makeup brushes :

Vega Deer Foot Brush (PB 12) Professional Range- Best Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India


This brand is one of the first for most of the beginners with makeup in India. Also available at affordable price, their regular basic brushes are the most common on every body’s dressing table. Their professional range of makeup brushes are just perfect for makeup lovers as they are of good quality and are available at an affordable price.

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Colorbar Keep Blushing Blush Brush - Best Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India


Colorbar is another brand that is included in the list when it comes to budget makeup products in India.The bristles of their brushes are soft and is suitable for all makeup lovers. Also the bristles don’t feel scratchy and they do their job well. Colorbar makeup brushes are easily available online and at colorbar makeup counters.

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Kryolan Eyemakeup Brushes - Best Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India


Kryolan Professional has various categories for makeup brushes. The quality of their makeup brushes are good as they do not bleed much or lose their shape any soon. On a normal range of usage, there is no shedding of bristles. The brushes perform well and are easy to cleanse. The brushes dry quickly without losing the original structure and shape.

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Basicare Brushes - Best Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India


If you are someone who do not want to spend lots of money on makeup brushes, and are on the search of affordably priced makeup brushes, then Basicare Cosmetic Brushes can be your right choice.

Easily available online, they are mostly priced under Rs.500. The bristles can be slightly scratchy, but the brushes do their job well. Basicare brushes are usually a beginners makeup tool who usually prefer low priced average quality makeup brushes which does the job good enough to apply makeup neatly.

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Bharat & Dorris makeup brushes - Best Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India

Bharat & Dorris

Expand your makeup brushes set collection without shelling out too much of money by buying Bharat and Dorris makeup brushes. The bristles are soft and of good quality. They don’t shed while washing or working. The sturdy brushes are decently priced and worth every penny.

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Real Techniques Bold Metals 300 Tapered Blush Brush - Best Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India

Real Techniques

Ever since Real Techniques makeup brushes of various ranges became available in India. Cosmetic lovers have been collecting all of their brushes though a little on the higher side considering the price.

The design of each brush, the quality, the look and ultra-soft feel of the bristles, makes the make brush sets of Real Techniques a must have. The blending is flawless and the right amount of product the bristles pick up is just amazing. All these qualities make it one of the best & affordable Cosmetic Brush Brands.

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MUA Cosmetic Brushes

Make Up Academy Professional Brushes are highly recommended for those who are on the lookout for affordable good quality makeup brushes. They are best in price, quality & functionality wise.

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PAC Master Stroke Brushes 03, 05 Review Price Photos (4)

PAC Brushes

PAC Cosmetic Brushes are perfect for both beginners and professionals. They work seamlessly and save a lot of time. The brushes stay intact and the shape stay originally as it was even after long years. They neither shed bristles nor do the brush gets worn out even after numerous washes.

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MAC Small Angled Brow Brush 208 review photos price

MAC Brushes

MAC makeup products are one of the highly raved ones amongst makeup lovers. Their makeup brushes are similar too. High in quality and steep in price too, yet they are the best suggested when it comes to quality and worth the investment.

As per the company claims, M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules. These are considered as one of the best Cosmetic Brush Brands available globally.

Their brushes are easy to use, easy to clean and good working for several long years.

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Inglot makeup brushes review


Inglot Cosmetic Brushes are of amazing quality at affordable prices. They are very much comparable to high-end brushes. This is the best investment in terms of quality and price. Their brushes come in good quality ferule and handle. The brushes feel sturdy and perform well. The bristles do not shed even after numerous wash and does not get stained too easily.

Hope you enjoyed reading through the list of  10 Cosmetic Brush Brands Available In India.


Which is your favourite makeup brushes brand? Have you used any of these makeup brushes?


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