10 Hair Care Tips For Dry Damaged Hair

The most alarming and frightening look appears in a woman’s face when her hair is dry and damaged

Oh no not again!!! What is more disappointing than having dry and damaged hair? It makes my world turns upside down. I am unable to keep my hair open, I am unable to groove the dashing steps and curls of my hair and I look so boring and back dated with my tied hair. People like me who suffers from dry and damaged hair due to the rough weather and pollution feels the same as I am feeling- so low and so depressed.dry-hair

Now it’s time to forget all worries and take necessary precautions and proper care to bring back my soft, shiny, silky and shiny hair back. The best things are always recommended by my grandmother who has great knowledge of hair therapies and care tips. There are few things which are the best hair care tips for dry and damaged hair which I am sharing with others so that you will be relaxed and happy to get the right solution- Eureka!!!

  1. The first step is to always brush your hair before you go for shower. This tactics if followed will surely decrease the breakage and split ends.
  2. Always use a branded shampoo recommended for dry and damaged hair. Apply the shampoo on to the crown of the head and then lather it downward gently. Do not bunch your hair altogether during shampooing.
  3. Never forget to use conditioner after shampooing and you can also use the leave in for better result. This will smoothen and soften the hair giving ample lubrication to prevent tearing and damaging during brushing.
  4. Brush your hair only when it is perfectly dried. Avoid using drier or heater. Instead you can dry it under the sun.
  5. Trim your hair to 1 or ½ inch so that the split and damaged hair located mostly in the last portion gets cut out and there is no further damage carried on in the other above parts of the hair.
  6. Oiling a day before you are shampooing your hair is one of the primitive and most effective treatment to stop drying and damaging your hair. It has root strengthening and root nourishing ability which works wonders to control spilt ends and rough tips.
  7. Coconut oil and almond oil mixed with hibiscus leaves juice and amla extract with methi mixed can be applied at night in the hair roots and tips for improving the texture and quality of your hair.
  8. Egg white is another very effective remedy to control dryness and damage to your hair. Mix it with mehendi and tea leaves extract and keep it for 5 hours aside. Apply the mixture in your hair all over and keep it for 1 hour. You will surely notice the change in your hair after washing it out and shampooing with henna based shampoo.
  9. Mayonnaise can also be used as hair softener and shine enhancer for dry and damaged hair treatment.
  10. Olive oil takes good care for dry and damaged hair when applied evenly massaging it on the scalp and hair tips.
  11. Eating nutritious and healthy diet with at least 2 litre of water will keep you hydrated from within and the glow will be reflected in your skin and hair, preventing any damage.

Hope you are now satisfied and happy to find the very suitable tips to take care of your dry and damaged hair. So just do anyone of the above and you will find the resultant effect very soon.

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*Written By Apsara
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  • March 4, 2015

    [email protected]

    Great tips! Would love to try them all 🙂
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  • March 11, 2015

    Jayanthi Parthasarathy

    Really needed this as my hair is brittle and damaged beyond repair

  • March 20, 2015


    I will defintly try. I am using unboild mlk on my face its realy gud.