10 Best MAC Eye Shadows For Indian Skintone

10 Best MAC Eye Shadows For Indian Skintone

MAC has a wide range of eye shadows with loads of colors and variety of texture. MAC has everything to suit every makeup lovers’ individual tastes and specially their skin tones. Here are 10 Best MAC Eye Shadows For Indian Skintone or the best eye shadows that fit perfectly for deeper complexion –

MAC Club Eye Shadow Review - 10 Best MAC Eye Shadows For Indian Skintone

MAC Club Eyeshadow – MAC CLUB is described as Red Brown with Green Pearl, it is warm toned rusty reddish brown shade with grey green pearly sheen shimmer to it. The shade can be worn all alone or with darker base it looks even more intense. The texture of the eye shadow is buttery smooth and extremely creamy to use. It can be easily layered and built as it doesn’t feel powdery at all .

mac brun eyeshadow - 10 Best MAC Eye Shadows For Indian Skintone

MAC Brun Eyeshadow – MAC Brun Eye Shadow is described as muted blackish brown, it is cool toned ash brown shade which makes it a perfect choice to fill in brows or even use in the crease to add depth. It can be used with so many colour combinations. MAC BRUN is amazingly pigmented, it is so saturated and hardly needs layering. The eye shadow appears a little powdery and hence needs short strokes of application to avoid any fall out.

MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow - 10 Best MAC Eye Shadows For Indian Skintone

MAC All That Glitters Eyeshadow – All that Glitters is described as Beige with gold pearl, it is warm toned champagne peachy gold shade which makes it an excellent highlighter. The colour is gorgeous and is one of the most popular MAC eye shadow which is versatile and is easily available. The texture is smooth and easy to work with. It is not powdery and there isn’t any fall out. All that glitters comes from VELUXE PEARL finish and have that pearly sheen to it which adds a subtle glow. This shade is gorgeously pigmented and is opaque in single swipe.

MAC Sable Eye Shadow Review Swatches Photos (2)

MAC Sable Eyeshadow – MAC SABLE is described with Gold – plum with bronze pearl. The shade can be incorporated in looks very easily – cool toned or warm. The texture of this eye shadow is velvety creamy and is smooth to layer and to build the shade. Since the texture is extremely buttery, creamy and finally milled, the brush picks the shade nicely in one go. MAC SABLE is gorgeously pigmented and is almost opaque in single swipe and covers the lids pretty easily.

MAC Paintpot indianwood swatches

MAC Indianwood Paint Pot – MAC Indianwood Paintpot is a metallic golden shade with bronze hints. This is one shade which would never fail and look absolutely gorgeous on Indian skintones. One can wear it to any occasion/ weddings without thinking twice. MAC Paintpots come in round glass pots, which feels quite heavy and sturdy. Texture of Indianwood is smooth, buttery smooth. It glides on smoothly without tugging or pulling. Pigmentation is superb and gives opaque coverage in one swipe. It can be used alone as an eyeshadow or as a base below other eye shadows.

MAC Sumptuous Olive Eye Shadow

MAC Sumptuous Olive Eye Shadow – MAC Sumptuous olive is described as Khaki with pearl. It looks like a dirty shade of tarnished Olive green with fine bronzy golden pearly sheen to it. This is a must have as it pairs extremely well with so many hues, purple, browns, blue and grey to be precise.

The shadow is from their Veluxe Pearl finish which feels very buttery and creamy. It is easy to layer, build and blend. MAC Sumptuous olive is extremely pigmented shade and can be easily worked with very less efforts. It is opaque in single layer and doesn’t need much layering.

MAC Cranberry eye shadow India review swatches photos india (1)

MAC Cranberry Eyeshadow – MAC Cranberry is a gorgeous bridal colour that every Indian skin tine will carry well. This classic eyeshadow from MAC is a shade of warm toned pinkish purple berry with shimmers. The shade carries a pearly sheen which is finely milled and thus it brings a lovely glow in the eye shadow.

The formula is very creamy and easy to work even if you are new to MAC eye shadows. It is insanely pigmented and is opaque in single layer; it doesn’t need much layering and sits pretty on good base. It can be counted amongst the best MAC eye shadows for Indian complexion.

MAC Silver Ring Eye shadow review swatches photos price (1)

MAC Silver Ring Eyeshadow – A silver eyeshadow is a must have for all skin tones. With combining and proper blending, you can create lovely smokey and night time makeup look.

MAC Silver Ring is described as Grey with Silver Sheen. On Indian olive skin tone it looks sparkly of mid tone silver with pearly sheen in it. The texture is buttery soft hence easy to work with. It has a lovely sheen which is really fine and gives more of a pearly look.

mac expensive pink review

MAC Expensive Pink Eyeshadow – MAC Expensive Pink is a cult favourite and classic MAC eye shadow which needs no introduction. Expensive Pink is described as Pink with duo chrome, a warm toned peachy pink shade with super fine golden pearly sheen to it. This shade very flattering on olive skin and one of the Best MAC Eye Shadows For Indian Skintone.

It has finally milled super smooth buttery texture with super fine shimmer, a must have eye shadow as it scores high in all aspects.

MAC Coppering Eye Shadow Review Swatches Photos EOTD (2)

MAC Coppering Eyeshadow – If you are looking a shade for festive look, ethnic makeup, or bridal look; then Coppering is a must have shade from MAC.

It is a beautiful color in pan and comes exactly on the eyelid too. MAC Coppering is Orange Copper, a stunning warm copper with heavy orange red tones to it. The eye shadow has a lot of frosty pearly shimmer which makes it look foiled. The texture is buttery smooth to work and doesn’t have any fall out.


These were our 10 Best MAC Eye Shadows For Indian Skintone. Do you have any shade suggestion? Leave them in the comments below.


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