10 Amazing Aloe Vera DIY For Hair Care & Skin Care

Here I am back with one of my favourite skin care product. Well, this is more of my summer skin care product. It is none other than Aloe Vera.  I apply Aloe Vera directly on my face as a light summer moisturiser.  But you can use Aloe Vera in numerous other ways for your skin and hair care. Here are the 10 Amazing Aloe Vera DIY For Hair Care & Skin Care –

5 Homemade Face Masks Using Aloe Vera - 10 Amazing Aloe Vera DIY For Hair Care & Skin Care

10 Amazing Aloe Vera DIY For Hair Care & Skin Care

As a De-Tanning Face Pack –

  • Mix some Aloe Vera, yogurt, honey and a pinch of turmeric in a clean bowl
  • Apply the face pack all over your face barring the eyes and nose
  • Let it dry and then wash it off by normal water

Aloe Vera gel has proven properties to improve and lighten skin’s complexion. And this face pack if used on every alternate day will remove tan in no time. This is one of the best Aloe Vera DIY Mask for clear skin.

As a Hair Strengthening Pack –

  • Take Aloe Vera extracts in a clean bowl depending on your hair length
  • Add any hair oil of your choice
  • Add honey in it
  • Add mashed banana in the mixture
  • Apply it on your hair covering the scalp and length both

Aloe Vera when combined with the above products is known to benefit your hair like anything. They strengthen your hair right from the scalp preventing any major hair fall issues.

As A Cooling Pack In Summers –

  • Take some Aloe Vera and apply directly on your dry face
  • Let it sit there for 30 minutes
  • Wash it off with normal water

Aloe Vera is naturally known to cool your skin. And it can be used as an excellent product to cool your skin in the rising temperatures.

As A Regular Hair Oil –

  • Add a tablespoon of Aloe Vera in your regular hair oil
  • Apply it directly on your hair covering the scalp and length as you normally apply a hair oil

Since Aloe Vera gel has so many good properties, it can easily be combined with hair oils to improve the overall health of your hair and derive maximum benefits out of it.

Delay Signs Of Ageing –

  • Take a tea spoon of Aloe Vera gel
  • Add some drops of olive oil in it
  • Add a teaspoon of instant oatmeal in it
  • Mix all of them together
  • Apply it on your face
  • Wash off once it dries out

Aloe Vera gel is known to moisturise your skin by removing dead cells. They also replenish the skin by improving the elasticity of the skin.

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Regular Skin Moisturiser –

Aloe Vera gel is known to be a light moisturiser. So, it is perfect for summers when you want your skin to stay light but yet your need some light moisturiser for your face. Just plant a Aloe Vera tree in your garden. Aloe Vera plants are not that high maintenance. So, if you are a student even then you can easily plant it. try to squeeze the leaves so that you will get the natural Aloe Vera out of it. Now, apply it directly on your skin.

Taking Care Of Breakouts –

  • Add some Aloe Vera gel and lemon juice together
  • Apply directly on the breakout spots

This treatment will cool the breakouts spots and the acnes and pimples will get reduced in no time.

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Heals Any Marks On Skin –

Since Aloe Vera gel has the cooling and anti-bacterial properties apply it directly on the cuts and wounds. With regular usage the marks will get healed in no time.

Hair Growth Stimulizer –

  • Mix Aloe Vera gel and castor oil together
  • Apply on your entire hair covering the scalp and hair length both
  • Leave overnight or for 3-4 hours and shampoo as usual

As we all know castor oil, is an excellent hair growth stimulant and when combined with Aloe Vera gel it serves as a very good pack for your hair health. You can this amazing aloe vera DIY for stong luscious hair.

Reduces Dandruff –

  • Mix lemon juice with Aloe Vera
  • Apply directly on your hair scalp

Aloe Vera gel is known to reduce the dead cells and lemon juice with it maintains the ph balance of the entire hair thus helping to reduce dandruff issues.

So, these were my top 10 Amazing Aloe Vera DIY For Hair Care & Skin Care . let me know if you liked the article in the comments down below.

*Written By Pallavi Bose

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